5 best FIFA 23 skill moves for beginners

These are the best and most effective skill moves in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)
These are the best and most effective skill moves in FIFA 23 (Images via EA Sports)

FIFA 23 is the latest installment in the iconic football simulation series, and EA Sports has ensured that this is the most immersive and authentic experience till date. The new Hypermotion 2.0 technology has added new animations and mechanics to add a realistic feel to the gameplay. With these changes, the emphasis has shifted to a more pass-oriented style of play.

Despite the massive nerf to skill moves and dribbling in FIFA 23, there are still plenty of techniques to outmaneuver your opponent and create scoring opportunities. These will be beneficial in the arsenal of newer players and veterans alike, and add a new dynamic to their offensive plays.

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Which skill moves are excellent for opening up opponents' defense and creating opportunities in FIFA 23?

1) Ball rolls


The ball roll is probably the most basic skill move in FIFA. The beauty and effectiveness of this maneuver can be attributed to its simplicity, as it can be used anywhere on the pitch to create the right angle for passes or to switch directions while dribbling.

Ball rolls are also incredible as they can be combined with other skill moves. Although the ball roll is a two-star trick in FIFA 23, five-star skillers can chain it together with a scoop turn to perform a new maneuver altogether, known as the ball-roll scoop. It offers an amazing change in direction that leaves the defenders baffled.

To perform a ball roll in FIFA 23, simply hold the right stick to either side of the direction the player is facing.

2) Stepovers


Cristiano Ronaldo made stepovers his signature maneuver in the early days of his career, popularizing the move amongst mainstream fans. Every football fan has tried to emulate him at some point or the other, and now they can do the same on the virtual pitch as well.

Stepovers are excellent in FIFA 23 for changing directions while dribbling without making it obvious such that the opponent can predict a lane change. They are also useful for baiting fouls inside the penalty box and can be performed by almost every player in the game as it is a two-star skill move.

To perform stepovers, use the right stick in an oscillating motion towards the left and right of the direction the player is facing.

3) Ball roll heel-to-heel


This maneuver is a bit more advanced compared to the previous two entries in this list. It is a new addition to FIFA 23 and is amongst the most fun and effective skill moves in the entire game. The maneuver combines two different techniques to create a broken new way of getting past defenders in one-on-one situations.

As the name suggests, the move involves a classic heel-to-heel with an additional ball roll performed at the end to control the trajectory while exiting. This provides the user with more control than a standard heel-to-heel, and is an excellent ability to add to your repertoire in FIFA 23.

To perform a ball roll heel-to-heel, hold L1 on PlayStation or LB on Xbox and flick the right stick towards the player's front and then towards his back.

4) Berba Spin


Named after the legendary Dimitar Berbatov, the move was first performed by the Bulgarian marksman during his time at Manchester United. The manner in which he utilized this maneuver is similar to how it is used in FIFA 23. It is an incredible option for changing directions, with the stop-and-turn animation causing problems for any opponent.

This four-star skill move is best used when cutting inside from the wings to create an angle for a quick pass or a finesse shot. It is also deceptively hard to predict or tackle, giving fans the ability to bait fouls in the penalty box as well.

To perform a Berba spin, flick the right stick in the direction the player is facing, and then 90 degrees to his right or left, depending on the direction in which you wish to execute the spin.

5) Fake shots


Alongside ball rolls, these are probably the most simplistic and basic skill moves in FIFA 23. Despite the lack of flamboyance, both beginners and veterans can reap the benefits by implementing them in the right situation.

Fake shots are an excellent way to trick defenders and create openings to execute crucial passes or shots. Performing a fake shot as soon as the player receives the ball allows them to deceive defenders with their first touch and can even give a pace boost in certain scenarios.

To perform a fake shot, press the shoot button and then X on PlayStation or A on Xbox, while simultaneously providing direction with the left stick.

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