5 upcoming changes that could make FIFA 23 the best game of the series

EA Sports is bringing several new features to this year
EA Sports is bringing several new features to this year's release (Image via EA Sports)

News about FIFA 23 has excited fans over the last couple of months since EA Sports launched the early reveal trailer on YouTube. Since then, the developers have showcased changes to the upcoming game in detailed reveal videos. While the entire set of changes and modifications are yet unknown, fans have received several glimpses on what is to come.

FIFA 23 will look to end things with a bang, given the potential for a significant change next year. The iconic brand will change names and more, as its license with FIFA expires after this calendar year. While EA Sports has retained the foundation of the title, there seem to be some exciting modifications under the hood.

The five pointers mentioned below contain both changes and new additions that will be added to the game. Some of these modifications have long been requested by fans and could be valuable. Others will affect the aesthetics and looks of FIFA 23 more than the gameplay. All these five inclusions could indeed take the upcoming release to a new level and allow EA Sports to gain an even firmer grip on the market.

Top 5 additions that EA Sports will be making in FIFA 23 to help it reach new heights

5) xG and more data


Data has become an integral part of modern football and is often considered inseparable in today's day and age. So far, the inclusion of raw and processed data as information in the series has been minimal. That will change significantly with FIFA 23, as expected goals (xG) will debut in the upcoming release.

The data will be available when a shot's replay is shown based on what is been shown. It will be interesting to see how much scope for analysis will be there in the full game after it gets released.

This is an innovative way for players to find out how lucky or clinical they might have been in converting a chance. It could also encourage them to go for footballers who have an accurate finish in the game to improve their chances.

4) Revamped trainer


Given how popular FIFA 23 will be, many new players will start their journey alongside the veterans. The games in the series have always had a trainer to get new players integrated with the basics and advanced features.

While it has gotten the job done so far, there has long been a need for certain modifications. Many players have previously felt that the trainer was great for the earlier match engines but has lost relevance in current times.

The new trainer will feature more options and better instruct all the players on what to do in a given situation. EA Sports has promised that the new trainer will also offer more options in a given situation to allow players the freedom to choose from multiple possible outcomes.

3) Introduction of women's clubs


Women's football has progressed greatly in the real world as several giants in the sport have established a setup for female footballers. The teams were introduced in the series a long time back, but so far, only the national teams have been present in the games.

FIFA 23 will introduce two divisions of women's football with its launch - the French and the English Top divisions. All teams and footballers will be wholly licensed, increasing the immersiveness.

Sam Kerr of Chelsea will also join Mbappe on the cover and become the first female footballer to do so. Overall, this is a welcome change, and it remains to be seen if female footballer cards will be integrated into the Ultimate Team in the future. Moreover, fans will hope that there will be more teams to choose from.

2) HyperMotion 2.0


Last year, HyperMotion was a good addition to FIFA 22 when one accounts for the overall flow of things. It changed the look and feel of the match engine and added a lot of realism, something which fans have been asking about for some time.

However, the technology had its limitations, as it was clear that there was a need for change. Moreover, it is only available on the next-generation consoles of Xbox and PlayStation.

HyperMotion 2.0 will be very important as far as PC players are concerned. It will introduce revolutionary technology to PCs, which will put them at par with the current-generation consoles. HyperMotion 2.0 has been enhanced with new animations and over 600 types of body movement recorded by real-life footballers.

1) Crossplay


After briefly testing it on FIFA 22, crossplay is coming to the series. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team will have crossplay from the very start for the first time, as console players will be clubbed together. Players on different platforms will be able to play together and will be able to buy and sell from the same market (PC will have a separate market).

This will undoubtedly increase the competitive spirit and will allow players to play with their friends without caring about the platforms. Crossplay has been a feature increasingly being implemented in games of recent times. Through this feature, FIFA 23 will be able to match the times and have synchronized matches.

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