5 best Free Fire gun combinations for OB27 version

The best gun combinations for Free Fire
The best gun combinations for Free Fire's OB27 version
Modified 27 Apr 2021
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Free Fire features a variety of firearms. Weapons play a crucial role in every game format, which goes the same for this fast-paced battle royale title. With the start of the new ranked season, players are excited to use the right combo of guns.

Gun selection is critical to winning any match in the Battle Royale mode. Hence, this article lists the best gun combinations in Free Fire for the latest OB27 version.

Note: This is a generalized list and is not in any particular order, solely reflecting the writer's opinion.

What are the best gun combinations in Free Fire's OB27 version?

#1 - AK + M1014

M1014 is a very powerful SG
M1014 is a very powerful SG

AK is an automatic rifle with a high rate of fire and a large amount of damage. The weapon also does further damage to vests and helmets.

M1014 is a shotgun that can kill enemies in a couple of blows and has a good magazine capacity.

This powerful combination will surely come in handy during difficult situations.

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#2 - Scar + MP40

Scar is a well-balanced AR
Scar is a well-balanced AR

Scar is probably the strongest weapon for beginners in Free Fire. And the MP40 is an outstanding close-range weapon due to its quick fire rate and ability to destroy enemies in a matter of seconds.

Together, they form a very powerful close-range combat option while also being a viable choice for long and mid-range fights.

#3 - SKS + AK

This is a DMR and AR combo that many players opt for in the game. Despite being an AR, the AK does a lot of damage and has a long range. As a result, players can use it to eliminate long-range enemies (depending on the recoil control of the player).

The SKS is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a 4x magnifying sight. This firearm deals a lot of damage over a long distance. Together, these weapons can be a killer combo for mid as well as long-range fights.

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#4 - Groza + MP5

Groza can only be found in air drops
Groza can only be found in air drops

One of the most popular weapons in Free Fire is the Groza. It has an incredible range and damage rate and can also assist from a longer distance. On the other hand, the MP5 is a potent submachine gun that plays a significant role during intense close-range fights. Hence, these two weapons make a powerful combination.

#5 - Scar + SPAS12

Scar and SPAS12 are both excellent close and mid-range combat options. There is no better choice for knocking down and killing opponents at short ranges than SPAS12. Scar is also a great option for mid-range combat. It has a decent range of 60, making it suitable for long-range fights with scopes.

This combo is sure to come of great use during difficult combat situations.

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Published 27 Apr 2021
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