5 best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono in April 2021

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 10 Apr 2021

Chrono is one of the strongest and most potent characters in Garena Free Fire. He has an active ability, Time Turner, that allows players to conjure up instant cover that blocks enemy damage. It also offers faster movement speed to allies.

However, along with Chrono, pets can also be very beneficial on the battleground. They can boost or aid the ability of this character and offer an advantage to players.

This article lists some of the best pets that can be paired with Chrono in Free Fire as of April 2021.

What are the best Free Fire pets to pair with Chrono in April 2021?

#1 - Rockie

Rockie has the ability Stay Chill, which decreases the cooldown time of Chrono's equipped active skill by 6% at its default level.

When pet level 7 is reached, the active capacity cooldown time is reduced by 15%. Hence, it allows Chrono to have reduced cooldown time and use his abilities frequently on the ground.

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#2 - Detective Panda

Panda's Blessings is the name given to this pet's skill, and when players kill an opponent, they gain 4 HP. Hence, for every kill, Panda instantly restores Chrono's HP.

When Detective Panda is fully maxed out (pet level 3), users can gain 10 HP for any kill. This way, Chrono can recover HP instantly with each kill he makes.

#3 - Robo

Robo in Free Fire
Robo in Free Fire

Robo has a fascinating ability called Wall Enforcement. It strengthens the deployed Gloo Wall with a shield and generates an additional 60 HP.

Thus, it helps Chrono in HP recovery and protects a gloo wall that the character uses during his cooldown period.

#4 - Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox in Free Fire
Spirit Fox in Free Fire

Spirit Fox's ability, called Well Fed, can restore an additional 4 HP at level 1 while using a health pack at its default stage.

When Spirit Fox reaches pet level 7, it can restore an additional 10 HP by using a health kit.

#5 - Mr. Waggor

Mr. Waggor in Free Fire
Mr. Waggor in Free Fire

Smooth Gloo is Mr. Waggor's skill, and when players do not have any gloo wall grenades, it can generate one every 2 minutes at its primary stage.

If players have fewer than two gloo wall grenades at skill level 3, Mr. Waggor will summon one gloo wall grenade.

This pet's ability can be beneficial for Chrono when he is in the cooldown period and cannot produce an instant shield using his ability. It will help Chrono build gloo walls for himself in such situations.

Honorable mention: Poring

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Note: This list is not in any particular order and reflects the writer's individual opinion.

Published 10 Apr 2021
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