5 best JRPG games discounted in the Steam Summer Sale 2022

The Steam Summer Sale is going on, and there are some incredible JRPGs on sale (Image via SEGA)
The Steam Summer Sale is going on, and there are some incredible JRPGs on sale (Image via SEGA)
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The Steam Summer Sale is going on now until July 7, 2022, and with it comes some incredible deals. It’s one of the best video game sales of the year for Valve’s marketplace, and all genres have deals worth picking up. When it comes to JRPGs, some of the best on the entire platform are available for very reasonable prices.

But which ones are the absolute best to pick? There are far too many to choose from, and as with all lists, this one is based on the opinions of the writer. The mileage of these games may vary from fan to fan, but here is a solid selection of amazing JRPGs.

The Steam Summer Sale has an incredible list of JRPGs on offer


There are so many games that could be on this list, from the entire Final Fantasy franchise to the Legend of Heroes series. JRPGs are often lengthy affairs that give unforgettable stories and interesting characters with a bit of Japanese flair.

These games offer dozens, perhaps hundreds of hours of gameplay. Challenging boss battles, interesting side quests, and memorable characters await in these games, all of which are on discount in Steam Summer Sale 2022.

Best JRPGs to pick up on Steam

  • .Hack//GU: Last Recode
  • Monster Hunter Rise
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade
  • Dragon Quest XI S
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon

1) .Hack//GU: Last Recode (80% off)


.Hack//GU: Last Recode is a remake of the original .Hack//GU trilogy from PlayStation 2. Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption are all fully restored and remastered. It features gorgeous 1080p, 60FPS graphics, and some useful quality of life features.

Battle has been balanced, and so has game pacing, to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. It features a cheat mode to give players a ton of advantages, especially for those who just want to experience the story.

Perhaps best of all, it has a brand-new episode, Vol.4//Reconnection, which takes place after Redemption. It has a new Job Form and weapon for Haseo, a new form for Skeith, and more. Haseo’s complete adventure is in one location, as he tries to track down the deadly Tri-Edge. It’s a challenging and enjoyable story and is on offer for a great price during the Steam Summer Sale.

2) Monster Hunter Rise

  • The Standard edition is 49% off
  • The Deluxe edition is 52% off
  • All DLC are also discounted

The sixth mainline entry into the Monster Hunter franchise was originally released back in March 2021. An expansion is on the way this June 30, 2022, titled Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This is an excellent time to dive into the game and get ready for the expansion.

As with all Monster Hunter games, players take on the role of a Hunter, and slay/capture massive monsters through a variety of methods.

It uses the seamless map system that Monster Hunter: World made popular, but it also introduces the new Rampage mode. A tower defense mode, it has players defend the village from a variety of attacking monsters, giving them something exciting and new to try out.

3) Final Fantasy VII REMAKE: Intergrade (29% off)


This is a perfect time for the Steam Summer Sale when it comes to Final Fantasy VII REMAKE: Intergrade. It hit Steam recently, after being exclusive to PlayStation 5, and then the Epic Games Store. In addition to the full Final Fantasy VII Remake story, it also includes the Yuffie DLC story.

Yuffie’s story is its own complete adventure, and culminates in a very familiar, challenging final boss. The story is familiar to many, as AVALANCHE fights against the ShinRa Electric Power Company’s overreliance on Mako energy.

It’s a gorgeous game with tons of content and a variety of difficulty levels. Cloud’s adventure through Midgar is a great experience, and while it doesn't have a huge discount, it’s worth picking up during the Steam Summer Sale.

4) Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition (35% off)


The latest Dragon Quest game is one of the best in the entire franchise. With nearly 100 hours of content, and three acts of tragedy, drama, and wonder, it’s one of the best JRPGs available in the Steam Summer Sale. The Definitive Edition brings all of the content that was only available in Japan at first.

Dragon Quest XI S has, in addition to gorgeous 3D graphics, a 2D mode where the game becomes more akin to the SNES Dragon Quest titles/remakes. This can be changed at will but will take the party back to the last major plot point.

It’s an incredible game, and while fans will have to wait a while yet for Dragon Quest XII, DQXI is a JRPG with a truly memorable story. It is easily one of the best offerings from the genre to buy in the Steam Summer Sale.

5) Yakuza: Like a Dragon

  • The Standard edition is 55% off
  • The “Like a Hero” edition is 60% off
  • The “Legendary Hero” edition is 63% off

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the first entry in the franchise that genuinely feels like a JRPG. The previous games also have systems where the characters increase their powers and skills, but Yakuza 7 is a genuine JRPG. It’s a turn-based game that combines the best parts of Dragon Quest and Persona in one place.

The title also marks the debut of the new main protagonist of the franchise, Ichiban Kasuga. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is genuinely one of the best games in the whole franchise, and was, for this writer’s money, the best game of 2020 when it was released.

It’s a story with older characters who come together to be heroes, at a time when they are needed most. Tragedy, betrayal, drama, and family are major themes of this incredible game.

There are so many other JRPGs on the Steam Summer Sale, for every player’s taste, and this list is just a sampling. These games are, however, among the absolute best titles in the entire Steam library for fans to pick up while they’re on sale.

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