5 best modern sci-fi games on the Nintendo Switch

There's no shortage of iconic games on the Nintendo Switch (Image via Croteam)
There's no shortage of iconic games on the Nintendo Switch (Image via Croteam)

The Nintendo Switch library has attracted all sorts of gamers around the globe. From younger audiences to seasoned gamers, all of them have found something to love.

These range from unique experiences that are available nowhere else, to portable versions of popular games. There are many popular names on the console across many genres, but one in particular seems sparse: Science fiction, or sci-fi in short.

However, the examples that do exist are still quite exceptional, not just on Switch but in general. So let's check out 5 of the best sci-fi games on Big N's portable console.

Since we're looking at modern games here, that refers to current games built on modern engines for existing platforms. So remasters like BioShock: The Collection and Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition will not count.

These 5 Nintendo Switch sci-fi games are some of the best out there

5) The Talos Principle


First released in 2014 for PC, it is a first/third-person puzzle game from Serious Sam developer Croteam. It takes place within virtual reality where the player, a sentient android, must solve puzzles across several biomes.

With a booming overhead voice from an entity simply known as Elohim, the game revolves around manipulating objects within self-contained puzzle rooms to collect stars and progress.

The gameplay is interesting, initially starting with items like fans, switches, climbable boxes and laser-bending tripods. It then quickly ramps up the difficulty with a cloning mechanic and patrolling detonable mines.

What's even more impressive is the fact that it poses questions about existence, technology and its effect on humanity. For their debut puzzle game, Croteam outdid themselves. In simple terms, The Talos Principle is a far more advanced version of Portal that is also bound to turn players into philosophers.

4) Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Acting as a sequel to the critically acclaimed Wii game Xenoblade Chronicles, it features a brand new setting and characters. Announced in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, it is a massive JRPG set across the world of Alrest.

Players control two characters, Rex and Pyra. The latter is also a Blade, one of the many "living weapons" found in the game.

Their journey takes them across vast open world landscapes teeming with mysterious and dangerous wildlife. Combat is real-time with an auto-attack system involving three party members out on the field.

This is supplemented by the Arts system to inflict status ailments and other buffs/debuffs. There are also many Rare blades to collect and add to your party, each with a different focus and purpose.

With Xenoblade Chronicles 3 set to release this year, the Nintendo Switch is becoming one of the finest RPG platforms out there.

3) DOOM Eternal


Without a doubt one of the absolute best first-person shooters of all time, DOOM Eternal came to Nintendo Switch in 2020, a year after its original release. Taking place after the events of DOOM (2016), Earth has been ravaged by demonic forces. Doom Slayer must take matters into his own hands and visit Hell to deal with the root of the cause.

While the visual downgrade and performance cut to 30 FPS is noticeable, this is still the complete DOOM Eternal experience on the go. The game maintains a fast paced, aggressive combat style featuring numerous weapons to tear down foes with.

New additions like the chainsaw diversify combat while platforming segments spice up traversal. The portable rendition was handled by Panic Button, one of the few developers known for excellent Nintendo Switch conversions.

2) Metroid Dread


With Metroid Dread last year, Nintendo finally gave fans what they wanted: a brand new 2D Metroid entry. Taking place after 2002's Metroid Fusion on the Game Boy Advance, it is the final stop in bounty hunter Samus Aran's Metroid saga.

Reports of the dangerous X Parasite on planet ZDR surfacing, Samus visits the planet to assess the situation. Unlike most other Metroid games, this time, players start off from the bottom and have to make their way up to the surface to find their ship.

Throughout this journey, Samus will have to deal with not just the hostile fauna of the planet but also rogue robots called EMMI. This is where the title Dread comes in as Samus will engage in Outlast-esque chases when encountering them.

The graphics are also some of the best on Nintendo Switch, with high-quality visuals being a showcase of the effort put in by developer Merury Steam. It is a return to form for the series in a long time and one of the best Metroidvanias on the console.

The game also won Best Action/Adventure at last year's Game Awards show.

1) Astral Chain


Platinum Games is known for their flashy, quirky games and 2019's hack & slash RPG Astral Chain is one of their best works yet. Taking place in the far future, the megacity called the Ark is under protection by a police force.

What's the threat, you ask? Creatures from the Astral Plane called Chimeras. With repurposed Chimeras called Legions, the police force must strike back against frequent appearances of the monstrous beings.

The cyberpunk artstyle and world design is breathtaking and so is the unique combat featured in the game. Players simultaneously control the character and their Legion in action battles against foes.

Using a chain-like link between the allies, they must strategically dispatch foes by whaling on them with attacks. Over the course of the game, players will get new Legions to play around with, each purposed for different gameplay styles.

The signature Platinum style and deep gameplay makes it one of the best titles on Nintendo Switch.