5 best Overwatch 2 heroes to duo with Mercy

Best heroes to pair with Mercy in Overwatch 2
Best heroes to pair with Mercy in Overwatch 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Mercy is Overwatch 2’s resident healer and the face of the Support class of heroes. She is what people would call a full-time healer.

Mercy’s playstyle involves her keeping teammates healed up and ‘Damage-amped’ through the use of her Caduceus Staff. This staff can shoot out rays of healing and amplification.


Mercy’s kit consists of her staff and the Caduceus Blaster, which is a secondary pistol. The hero also revives fallen teammates as part of her kit.

Valkyrie, Mercy's ultimate, allows her to fly and boosts her healing abilities. In this form, the hero can branch out rays of healing from the target to other nearby allies. She also gains unlimited ammo in her Blaster.

Mercy’s kit makes her a good pick for various hero compositions in Overwatch 2 matches. However, there are a few niche picks that could work as perfect partners for this healer.

Note: This list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

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1) Pharah


Pharah, the Egyptian Damage hero in Overwatch 2, is arguably the perfect partner for Mercy. She uses her Hover Jets to glide through the air using short bursts. This means Mercy can follow her around using the Guardian Angel ability, and both of them can play airborne most of the time.

Mercy can also provide Pharah with damage amplification, making her Rocket Launchers and the Rocket Barrage ultimate even stronger than they already are.

The harmony between the two heroes is also complementary through Pharah’s high damage output and Mercy’s high heal output.

2) Orisa


One of Overwatch 2’s offensive tank heroes, Orisa has a plethora of abilities to push forward, make space, and send enemies flying. Her Fortify ability also gives her 75 overhealth and makes her immune to any sort of movement impairments. Combining these abilities with Mercy’s unwavering stream of healing can make this pair unstoppable.

Mercy is the perfect pocket healer for Orisa. She will be fairly protected by the tank hero’s other abilities, such as Javelin Spin and Energy Javelin.

If used correctly, this nearly unkillable and penetrative duo can be a big threat to opponents.

3) D.Va


D.Va is a balanced tank hero from Overwatch 2. She has two forms, one in her MEKA suit and the other in her human form.

As with most tanks, D.Va has a range of abilities, both offensive and defensive. Mercy players can make sure that D.Va stays alive as their primary tank during both offensives and when on the Defender side.

D.Va, combined with her increased mobility, can secure kills easily and rely on the Mercy to follow her around to provide constant healing and amplification. On the defender side, keeping the tank alive is also Mercy’s priority, and D.Va is no different, with her Defense Matrix being useful in stopping enemy projectiles.

4) Echo


Echo, like Pharah, is an airborne Damage hero in Overwatch 2, making her a great partner for Mercy. She is dangerous in both long and short ranges. However, the hero may struggle against larger enemies, as she is quite low on the HP scale. This is where Mercy comes in.

Echo’s ultimate lets her mimic an enemy hero. This means that mimicking characters like Symmetra, with Mercy pumping in Damage Amplification, will allow efficient eliminations.

Like other airborne characters, pocket-healing Mercy and Echo will be very hard to kill or even pull down from the sky.

5) Sojourn


Overwatch 2’s high-octane Damage hero, Sojourn, can be really effective when paired with Mercy. Her Railgun (default Fire) charges up her Alt-fire — a singular straight burst of energy — by shooting it at enemies or objects. The higher the charge, the stronger the burst. With Mercy’s Damage Amplification, this ability can do tremendous damage.

Valkyrie, Mercy’s ultimate form, is very useful to Sojourn. As Sojourn is a Damage class hero, she might not always be capable of protecting Supports.

With her ult activated, Mercy can remain in the air and provide both healing and amplification to Sojourn without having to worry about being ambushed.

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