5 best post-apocalyptic games to play on Xbox (2022)

The post-apocalyptic genre has proven to be immensely successful (Image via Rage 2 and State of Decay 2)
The post-apocalyptic genre has proven to be immensely successful (Image via Rage 2 and State of Decay 2)

Post-apocalyptic games are one of the few genres that may be based on a variety of media, including literature and films. Depending on the context, the idea of a post-apocalyptic environment tends to elicit a wide range of feelings in individuals, including dread, interest, and sometimes even exhilarating enthusiasm. Xbox has a variety of games, from racing to horror, but there are some good post-apocalyptic games as well.

Developers have also recognized the potential of the post-apocalyptic genre. It allows them the liberty to experiment with the genre in new ways. The post-apocalyptic genre has proven immensely successful due to gaming's capability to immerse players in their environmental scene and put them in the shoes of a character.

Here are the 5 best post-apocalyptic games to play on Xbox (2022)

5) Mad Max


The post-apocalyptic world of Mad Max has been popularized by the eponymous movie franchise dating back to 1979. In 2015, he received his own AAA video game, simply titled Mad Max. The narrative of this game differs significantly from that of the Mad Max movies. However, the game's location and tone were the same, with the action taking place in a desert wasteland.

There are plenty of conventional components in terms of gameplay that gamers would find in most recent AAA action games. The Magnum Opus, a customisable car, can be used to roam the wastelands. Although stealth and weapons are included, the emphasis this time is on physical fighting, which is comparable to the Batman Arkham series' combat system.

The game's setting, cinematography, vehicular gameplay, and visuals were all appreciated by players, but the mission design and plot were criticized. Regardless, it has gone to be a cult favorite among fans of the genre.

4) State of Decay 2


This game immerses players in a zombie apocalypse where they must try to survive. To accomplish this, players will also have to create a community, which will necessitate the use of resources and citizens. They also have to watch out for any aggressive opponents laying in wait as they search the wider environment for items and come across people in need.

Cooperative multiplayer is also available, allowing players to invite a buddy to join them in the game for a limited period of time and complete objectives together. The biggest threats in the game are, of course, the zombies; they respawn indefinitely (unless the player builds an outpost to halt the zombies from spawning in the area), are drawn to noise, and can sprint nearly as quickly as the protagonists.

3) Rage 2


The gameplay of Rage 2 immerses players in a post-apocalyptic world where an asteroid has destroyed most of mankind. Players will play the role of a ranger named Walker, continuously combating various villains and adversaries. They will also have access to a variety of weapons, vehicles, and some beneficial power capabilities to aid them in their fight for humanity's survival.

Walker's guns deal greater damage, enemies lose more energy, and are continually repaired in a mode called Overdrive, giving gamers an aggressive option to brutalize enemies. Nanotrites, which operated as special abilities and ability enhancements in the original game, may be employed to improve battle effectiveness.

2) The Division 2


Tom Clancy's The Division is a massively multiplayer online game that follows an agency which serves as the country's final line of defense. The original game immersed players in the early days of the apocalypse, as sickness began to spread throughout the globe, causing the government to rely on the Division to maintain order.

The epidemic left behind a post-apocalyptic world. Seven months after the events of the last game, a civil war broke out between survivors and wicked marauding bands in Washington, D.C. .

Players may choose their Division agent's gender and appearance before the start of the game. To defeat opponents, players are given assault rifles, sniper rifles, and submachine guns, as well as explosives, such as grenades.

1) Dying Light 2: Stay Human


Players in Dying Light 2 are thrown into a new city, which serves as a refuge from the zombie hordes that wander the land outside the city's walls. The parkour system for exploring Dying Light's shattered metropolis was the original game's most appealing feature, and it returns in the sequel as a revised version of the free-running mechanism.

When it comes to combat situations in Dying Light 2, players usually battle swarms of zombies or, more frequently in the main campaign, opposing humans. Since there are almost no firearms in the game, players must rely on melee weapons for the majority of the game.

Action and parkour are at the foundation of the game, but the fighting leaves something to be desired. Another important aspect of the game is player choice. Aiden makes crucial decisions that have direct implications on the narrative, mostly through conversation options.

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