5 best PS2 horror games that deserve a remake

The PS2 era has been the best for horror games (Image via Siren, Fatal Frame 2 and Resident Evil 4)
The PS2 era has been the best for horror games (Image via Siren, Fatal Frame 2 and Resident Evil 4)

PS2 is one of the most popular video game consoles. Due to PS2's remarkable success, new games were released in massive numbers. There have been plenty of excellent PS2 titles. The PS2 era has arguably been the best period ever for horror games.

PS2 horror games have inspired lots of horror game developers. In terms of direction, storyline, and good scripts, PS2 horror games have been an inspiration for modern creators.

Remaking any game is an expensive and time-consuming procedure. Remakes and remasters bring many old favorite games into the present day, and there are plenty of PS2 games that deserve the same treatment.

Remaking of games has become widely popular, with classic console titles being reissued on modern systems to popularize a franchise and allow new gamers the access to all these games.

Here are the 5 best PS2 horror games that deserve a remake

5) Siren


Siren uses real people's faces to animate photorealistic human models, giving the game an unsettling atmosphere. Players can gaze through the eyes of enemies in Siren, which can be used to take cover from or totally avoid them.

Every level is handled by a new character, and all of the objectives are interlinked, resulting in distinct consequences at each stage. Players will come across things that help convey the story and provide perspective into what is going on in the game's story as they progress through each stage.

Siren is organized chronologically in a table called the Link Navigator, with each stage taking place in one of the ten areas in the village of Hanuda. To complete a stage, players must complete a primary objective, which usually entails reaching an exit point, defeating undead monsters known as shibito, or discovering an item.

4) Kuon


This PS2 horror game is situated in ancient Japan and draws heavily from Japanese myths and traditions. While sprinting is allowed in the game, it depletes the player's health and attracts nearby opponents, which forces them to creep through the stage. This serves as a wonderful way to enhance tension.

Players must quickly be vulnerable and mediate to regenerate their health. In Kuon, it is usually better to avoid foes. However, players do have a short sword as well as a few spells to keep the enemy away.

Atsushi Taniguchi, the game's producer, came up with the game's concept. His goal was to create a gloomy story based on Japanese kaidan ghost legends, with a female protagonist as the central character. The gameplay was modeled around the company's previous release, Lost Kingdoms.

3) Rule of Rose


Rule of Rose has a very unique gameplay. In the game, players are accompanied by a dog who will assist them on their adventure. Rule of Rose is sluggish and confusing, as is the case in many survival horror PS2 games from that time. However, it should be considered that this is all part of the game's strategy to make players feel unsafe.

Jennifer, the protagonist, is afraid of the creatures she encounters, and the best way to survive is to dodge them completely. While this is often true, there are bosses in the game who must be defeated, which can detract from the overall experience.

Every game level takes place over the course of a month. Each chapter starts with the reading of a handcrafted storybook about the chapter's plot. Jennifer is entrusted with finding a certain object that will be given to the Aristocracy at the end of each level.

2) Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly


Players in the Fatal Frame game must battle ghosts by photographing them instead of just fighting them. This is a reference to the old legend that if you snap a picture of someone, their soul would be stolen. The camera used throughout the gameplay is known as the Camera Obscura. Players must utilize various lenses and film throughout the game to stop most of the ghosts.

Mio and Mayu, the twin sisters, decide to travel to an abandoned village, and they start experiencing mysterious happenings in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. Mayu is being pursued by evil spirits that want to kill her in an old ceremony.

1) Resident Evil 4


Fans have been waiting for a long time for the alleged Resident Evil 4 remake, and 2022 could be the year when it finally arrives. Resident Evil has established itself as one of the most well-known survival horror franchises in the gaming world, spanning decades. The game is also considered to be one of the best survival horror games of PS2.

It was a turning point for the series. It ditched the fixed camera angles from prior games in favor of an over-the-shoulder camera, which influenced a slew of other gaming companies and titles to follow suit. With big, over-the-top bosses and quick-time sequences, which make it sound like an action movie, Resident Evil 4 had quite a bit of variety than prior games in the series.

While it deviates significantly from the model set in previous games of the series, Resident Evil 4 is one of the finest from the series, and it has helped to introduce a new genre with a third-person, behind the back, perspective.