5 best PUBG Mobile Lite YouTubers as of 2021

Listing the best PUBG Mobile Lite YouTubers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Listing the best PUBG Mobile Lite YouTubers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Samarjit Paul

PUBG Mobile Lite is the lighter and more optimized version of PUBG Mobile. It was primarily released for players who faced lags while playing PUBG Mobile on low-end devices.

Since then, PUBG Mobile Lite has grown in popularity, and a lot of credit has to be given to YouTubers who promote the game.

Who are the five best PUBG Mobile Lite YouTubers this year?

1) GodPraveen YT


Praveen Chaudhary is popularly known as GodPraveen YT because of his YouTube channel. He is the first full-time PUBG Mobile Lite YouTube streamer and content creator to be handed the golden play button by YouTube for reaching one million subscribers. Currently, he has over 1.08 million subscribers on YouTube.

He began his streaming career with PUBG Mobile but faced lag on his low-end device. After that, he began streaming PUBG Mobile Lite and has not looked back since.

As his name suggests, Praveen is often regarded as the PUBG Mobile Lite "God" by his fans because of the insane skills evident in his gameplay.

2) Insane Lion


Insane Lion is amongst the pioneers of PUBG Mobile Lite YouTubers. He has been in the community since the game was released. However, his rise as a YouTuber mostly happened in 2021.

Insane Lion currently has over 689K subscribers who follow his gameplay videos. His gameplay is genuinely reflective of his name, as his combat skills see him obtain 15-20 kills in almost all the matches.

3) Cartoon Freak


Cartoon Freak is the fastest-growing PUBG Mobile Lite YouTube channel, rising at top speed in 2021. He stands second only to GodPraveen YT in the subscriber count, with over 859K subscribers.

Cartoon Freak has successfully provided entertainment to his audience with his funny yet skillful gameplay.

4) Koobra Bhai


When it comes to a blend of comedy and action, Koobra Bhai is the PUBG Mobile Lite YouTuber to look out for. He has over 840k subscribers on his channel and will reach one million soon.

Koobra Bhai's short-range combat skills, along with his mid-range sprays, have posited him as among the best YouTubers in the game.

5) Gamo Boy


Gamo Boy's YouTube channel has grown solely due to his aggressive gameplay videos. He has over 478K subscribers, which gives him a name to reckon with in the gaming community.

He is famous for his laser-like sprays that often become the reason for his enemies' deaths.

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