5 best reasons to get Moco character in Free Fire

Moco is one of the characters available for purchase in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Moco is one of the characters available for purchase in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 09 Feb 2021

Garena Free Fire has been one of the best battle royale titles in the esports industry, offering many exclusive features to players. One such feature is the inclusion of special characters.

There are 37 characters currently available in the game, and Moco is one of the better ones. She is available in the store section of Free Fire for 8000 gold coins or 499 diamonds.

This article lists some of the best reasons for players to get Moco in Free Fire.

Five best reasons to obtain Moco in Free Fire

#1 - Moco's ability

Moco in Free Fire
Moco in Free Fire

Moco has a great passive ability called the Hacker's Eye. At her initial level 1 ability, she can tag enemies who are shot for two seconds, and all the information will then be immediately shared with teammates.

At her maximum level, i.e., at level six, Moco can tag enemies for five seconds, with the information shared with teammates.

#2 - Long-range fights

Image via Pronation/YouTube
Image via Pronation/YouTube

Moco's ability is of great assistance during long-range fights. It is often tough spotting players over long distances, so her skill comes in handy when she takes long-range shots.

Even if the player tries to escape, a green colored indicator will blink on the top of the enemy's head, exposing their location to Moco and her teammates.

#3 - Availability in-game

Moco is available for cheap in the in-game store section, for only 8000 gold coins.

Intermediate players can easily buy her, and her ability for such a low and easily affordable cost is worth the purchase.

#4 - Best for squad games

Image via Pronation/ YouTube
Image via Pronation/ YouTube

Moco's ability is not limited to individual skills, as she also shares insights with her teammates. Moco's ability to tag enemies over long-ranges will also allow teammates to spot them.

Hence, the enemy's position is also exposed to team members, giving them a more significant advantage during fights.

#5 - Best for ranked matches and skill combos

Moco's ability will be the best for ranked matches where players usually play squad games. Hacker's Eye will be useful in locating enemies, allowing a tremendous advantage to the player and his/her teammates.

Moco's ability can also be an excellent choice for skill combos. She can be coupled with DJ Alok's HP regaining ability, Hayato's increased armor penetration, and Joseph's Nutty Movement ability.

This combo will be great for aggressive and passive players in Free Fire.

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Note: This article reflects the author's opinions only.

Published 09 Feb 2021, 13:03 IST
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