5 best skills players should unlock first in Sniper Elite 5

Five skills to own right away in Sniper Elite 5 (Image via Sniper Elite 5)
Five skills to own right away in Sniper Elite 5 (Image via Sniper Elite 5)

Sniper Elite 5 improves on features from previous franchise entries while introducing new mechanics to the shooter, enabling more stealth and exploration. It is one of the reasons why players will be able to tackle every mission in whichever way they want.

From multiple entry points to various ways of taking out enemies and targets, Sniper Elite 5 is all about allowing fans to be more versatile with their approach.

Apart from multiple entryways and weapons, the game also has a new skill tree feature that helps users customize and enhance Karl Fairburne to fit their playstyle.

Gamers can earn XP and skill points within the campaign and survival modes of Sniper Elite 5 after completing the main objectives, side missions, or just eliminating the key target of the Kill Challenge.

Points obtained from the two modes can be invested in three different skill trees: Combat, Body, and Equipment. Remember that individuals will get other skills for each of the two modes apart from those on the tree.

Five skills to have right away in Sniper Elite 5

1) Steady Hands


One of the best skills in the combat tree that players should look to invest in first is Steady Hands. It's the perfect attribute for those new to the franchise, as it significantly reduces the shaking of the sniper scope when aiming down the sights.

Snipers are the primary weapons in the game, and a large part of the combat revolves around taking enemies out over great distances.

This skill is all about openly engaging enemies, but for those going for a more stealthy approach, this perk will not help them out all that much.

2) Cardio


When it comes to exploration and being able to quickly scan the various corners of the map during a mission, the Cardio skill is one of the best perks in the body tree to invest in early on. For the cost of just one skill point, users will be able to reduce Karl's heart rate and allow him to sprint longer, covering greater distances and pulling off more effortless flanking maneuvers.

As Sniper Elite 5 maps are an open-world sandbox, many of the arenas are exceptionally big. Without this skill, it will take an infuriating amount of time to get around it.

3) Carry More Decoys


Sniper Elite 5 introduces additional decoy options, allowing gamers to have a much easier time infiltrating the target location and taking them out without alerting any enemies around.

With the introduction of the throw bottles, users will be able to use the item from behind covers and distract enemies to sneak past them. With the Carry More Decoys ability, Karl can carry more bottles in his inventory and keep distracting enemies, sneak past them, or take them out.

4) Carry More Traps


Carry More Traps will be the second skill that players should look to unlock from the Equipment skill tree, which goes incredibly well with the Carry More Decoys perk. Traps are some of the best ways they will be able to take out enemies without being discovered.

Placing traps like rat bombs and mines all over the map can become incredibly handy when trying to complete some of the more difficult missions in the game. With this skill active, users will be able to carry more in their inventory.

5) Focus Range


Focus Range is a must-have for gamers going for a more stealthly playstyle in Sniper Elite 5. This ability allows Karl to see through walls and detect close-by enemy movements.

It is one of the best tools for infiltration and becomes incredibly handy when taking out enemy-controlled snipers in the Invasion mode of the game.

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