5 best tips to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite in December 2021

Knowing the best tips to rank up easily in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Wallpaper Cave)
Knowing the best tips to rank up easily in PUBG Mobile Lite (Image via Wallpaper Cave)

PUBG Mobile Lite is the optimized version of PUBG Mobile. Players have thronged the game to immerse themselves in the Battle Royale experience.

With the 0.22.0 update already released over a couple of months back, PUBG Mobile Lite players are striving to reach the Conqueror tier or the Ace tier to add the prestigious titles beside their in-game names.

What are the 5 best tips to rank up quickly in PUBG Mobile Lite in December 2021?

1) Play more classic matches


Playing more classic matches on a regular basis is the best way to rank up in PUBG Mobile Lite. With the introduction of each season, players of the Lite version begin to push their ranks in-game. As a result, players focus on playing more classic matches to rank up easily and faster than others.

Playing matches on both the classic mode Battle Royale maps - Veranga and Golden Woods can help rank pushers considerably.

2) Choose the best drop location for loot


Looting plays an important role in any Battle Royale game, and this goes for PUBG Mobile Lite as well. Proper loot enables players to play according to their preferred method. In order to get enough loot for a particular match, players need to choose a drop location even when on the plane path.

Players can either glide far away to far off cities to choose a place close to the plane path.

3) Focus on survival points


Just like PUBG Mobile, the Lite version of the game also focuses on survival points more than support and kill points. Since the game is based on "the survival of the fittest" system, survival points become crucial.

Players can avoid landing on hot drops and initiating in early fights as it increases the chance of players dying. No matter how many kills a player gets in a match if he/she dies early, then all the work done comes to no avail.

4) Keep enough utilities


Utilities play a crucial role while ranking up in PUBG Mobile Lite as well. Utilities help players have an upper hand in fights as well as in survival. While frag grenades and Molotov cocktails can be used to defeat opponents, smoke grenades are used to take cover while taking shots.

Furthermore, players need to carry enough medicines so that they can survive even when they are involved in fights or staying outside the safe zone.

5) Use vehicles


Vehicles come in handy for rank pushers in PUBG Mobile Lite to make rotations. Vehicles can be easily found in several vicinities around the two maps in the game. Players can also use vehicles as hard cover by bursting them in the end zones.

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