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5 Best Xbox One Racing Games 

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Image Courtesy: Microsoft Studios/Forza Horizon 4
Image Courtesy: Microsoft Studios/Forza Horizon 4

The Xbox One is a very capable gaming machine that is capable of running games with unrivalled visual precision. Since its initial launch in 2013, the eighth-generation console has become home to some of the most stunning racing video game titles ever produced. 

The racing game titles available on this platform feature both fully-detailed simulations to casual arcade racers, offering the best to players of both the worlds and in this article, let us look closer at the five best racing games available for the Xbox One.

#5 DiRT4

DiRT4 sets a benchmark for rally games with its beautiful visuals, stunning sound and brilliant vehicle handling.

Launched in mid-2017, this title features authentic rallycross racing across five different countries. The improved career mode, combined with two difficulty settings, the game is a joy for both casual gamers and professionals of the sport.

Lastly, DiRT4 features custom course creator, where the player could design the rally track of their choice. With this feature, the game opens almost endless possibilities, allowing the player to spend countless hours on the game without finding it monotonous.

DiRT4 was nominated for numerous Racing Game of the Year awards in the year 2017.

Metacritic Rating: 86/100

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#4 F1 2018

F1 2018 is Formula One's official video game and offers an unparalleled, authentic F1 experience from the comfort of your home.

The game mimics the 2018 Formula One season and will expect the addition of new tracks, models, track and rule changes with the game. The realism seen while driving the cars in F1 2018, combined with the stunning visuals, make playing this title a very rewarding experience.

Like the previous titles, F1 2018 features classic F1 cars. The 20 classic cars that are part of this year's game include the drives of James Hunt's McLaren and Niki Lauda's Ferrari from the 1976 season. 

Furthermore, Codemasters reworked the career mode and brought in a slew of changes to the development system, ensuring that the players have a very customisable experience. This expanded career mode received a positive reception from both fans and critics alike.

Metacritic Rating: 84/100

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