5 most disliked Fortnite weapons of all time that were just too bad

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Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 04 Mar 2021

Over the years, Fortnite has seen a lot of weapons come and go. Some weapons have stayed while others have been vaulted, only to be unvaulted again at a later stage. However, not all weapons are well-received by players in Fortnite.

Every chapter of Fortnite features weapons that players would rather drop from their inventory. This list focuses on the five most disliked weapons of all time.

Note: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

5 most disliked weapons of all time in Fortnite

#1 Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade is probably the most overpowered weapon that Fortnite had ever seen. This weapon allowed players to one-shot their enemies, which gave this weapon a notorious status.

Anyone who had this weapon, especially in the end game stages, could win the round with ease. Players pitted against an enemy with the Infinity Blade were on the back foot by default. Despite being extremely overpowered, this weapon tops the most disliked weapons in the game of all time.

#2 Burst AR

Burst AR is probably one of the most disliked assault rifles in the history of Fortnite. Players complained about not being able to hit targets effectively with the weapon over medium and long ranges, something which assault rifles should be capable of doing.

Players had to remain exposed for longer durations to get accurate hits with this weapon, pushing it further down on the list of likable weapons.

#3 Heavy Shotgun

This is a weird weapon. The Heavy Shotgun deals less damage than the Pump Shotgun in Fortnite. But it had a range that was better than most shotguns in the game.

Shotguns are meant to obliterate anything at close range. The Heavy Shotgun had a slow rate of fire as well, making it an undesirable weapon. No one would technically use a shotgun other than in close combat. That's one area where the Heavy Shotgun failed to perform, concerning the damage dealt and its slow rate of fire.

#4 Silenced SMG

Silenced SMG was one of the stealthier weapons in the game. However, the addition of Tactical SMG to Fortnite rendered the Silenced SMG invalid. This weapon was effective only at close range, and even when used at close range, it didn't deal enough damage.

This weapon was literally miserable at longer ranges, so players didn't really bother about it unless they were stuck in a rut.

#5 Hunting Rifle

The hunting rifle is probably the most hated rifle out of all the sniper rifles in the game. It had a scope that didn't zoom in enough. Aiming with this weapon was a tad bit easier than the other rifles. But then again, the damage this weapon dealt was not that great.

It would often take three shots to eliminate an enemy with this weapon. That's the primary reason players never give a better score to this one than other sniper rifles.

Published 04 Mar 2021
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