5 female video game characters with the biggest fanbases

Tifa is one of the most popular female characters in games (Image via Square Enix)
Tifa is one of the most popular female characters in games (Image via Square Enix)

The world of video games has given birth to iconic characters of both genders. Some female characters have made their place and have a cult following among fans. Some of them are the lead character of a game, whereas the others shine in side roles.

The next five names have a fantastic following in the video game community. These characters are considered immortal and have made a space of their own. This is not a ranked list, so all these five ladies could be regarded as equally great.

Female video game characters with massive fan-following

5) Samus Aran


The first name on the list takes players into the world of Nintendo, where Metroid has created a legacy of its own. Samus is the series' main protagonist and has personalized the character like nobody else.

Introduced in 1986, Samus remains one of the earliest female protagonists in video games. It was also in the first game where her gender was revealed, and over the years, she has been able to generate a massive fan following.

An ex-soldier, Samus becomes a galactic bounty hunter who is empowered by her exoskeleton. Her arsenal includes explosive power, which ranges from energy weapons to missiles. Throughout the series, Samus does her missions on behalf of the Galactic Federation.

Since the birth of her character, Samus has created a long-lasting legacy that will always shine brightly in the world of video games.

4) Jill Valentine


The Resident Evil series has thrown a range of classic video games that have thrilled fans of all genres. The success of the series depends on how it has been able to build its canon and the characters associated with it.

When one talks about the series, Leon S. Kennedy is a name that would appear on every player's lips. While not as popular as Leon, Jill Valentine has offered something different in personality. Yet, she comes second only to Leon among all the series' characters.

Jill was introduced in the original Resident Evil video game, released in 1996. Since then, she has established herself as a character who can hold her own. She has featured in several video games and the 2021 film, which only showcases her reputation.

Her character developed as a member of the S.T.A.R force, but she has evolved much more. Jill is popular, and she is also lauded for her representation and skills, which can match the very best in the series.

3) Princess Zelda


Again returning to the world of Nintendo, where The Legend of Zelda is a household name. Princess Zelda was introduced in 1986 with The Legend of Zelda, which started her rich legacy. Since that title, she has been the titular figure of several games over the last three games.

Zelda is the ruler of the imaginary kingdom of Hyrule, and she has played different roles throughout the series' history. She has had a strong connection with Link, the main character in the games.

Since her creation, Princess Zelda has been extremely popular among video games and cosplay enthusiasts. She is even available as a playable character in several spin-offs, including the superhit Super Smash Bros. Princess Zelda might not be the protagonist, but she has still carved out a huge fan base.

2) Lara Croft


As a franchise, Tomb Raider is famous in the world of both movies and video games. The series revolves around the character of Lara Croft, who was first showcased to the world in 1996. The first Tomb Raider video game showed Lara as a brilliant British archaeologist who knew a thing or two about finding precious things.

Lara is not only an academic genius, but her character design takes inspiration from iconic figures. She is well-averse to weapons and can handle most dangers ordinary people will fail to handle. Lara became the first game character to be adapted into movies that showcased her incredible popularity.

1) Tifa Lockhart


The Final Fantasy series gave Cloud to the world, which is a truly evergreen character in the world of video games. If one character could match his popularity, his beloved friend Tifa Lockhart would be his beloved friend.

A member of the Avalanche, Tifa convinces Cloud to join her organization to keep him safe. She also played a vital role with him in saving the world from Sephiroth.

In some ways, fans have found similarities with Lara Croft in their strength and ability to do things independently. Tifa fans often clash with Aerith as there is also a brawl between the two fanbases.

Her strength lies in her beauty and her skills and power, with which she can combat the hardest of enemies. It's not rocket science why Tifa has been so popular for such a long time.

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