5 fighting games that will prepare you for Street Fighter 6

The best fighting games that will prepare players for Street Fighter 6 (Image via CAPCOM)
The best fighting games that will prepare players for Street Fighter 6 (Image via CAPCOM)

CAPCOM's latest offering, Street Fighter 6, will be released on June 2, 2023, across the globe. There is a lot of hype surrounding this title, and many new players will be looking to try it out. However, this also means that the number of veterans playing the game will be very high.

This article lists five fighting games that will help players prepare for Street Fighter 6. It is important to remember that this list is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer. Readers can always find something else that they feel is better for practice. Fighting games have transferable skills, and learning the fundamentals of one title is usually enough to succeed in another.

Tekken 7 and 4 other fighting games to play before Street Fighter 6 is released

1) Street Fighter V


If players want to prepare themselves for Street Fighter 6, there is no better title for them to check out than the previous entry in the franchise. Most of the major characters that will be in Street Fighter 6 are available in Street Fighter V.

The title will help new players understand the concept of defensive play, mind games, and whiff punishes. Apart from this, players will also get a general idea of how to do combos for the characters they decide to use, especially the special moves.

2) Tekken 7


Tekken 7 is one of the most difficult fighting games on the market. Every character in the game has close to a minimum of 100 movesets. There are also many complicated concepts that can make the learning curve a bit too steep for new players.

However, Tekken 7 is probably the best game to teach the concept of Frame Data in fighting games. New players have a habit of picking up a fighting game, learning the highest damage combo, and trying to dump it in an online match. This results in them losing badly, with the opponent using a basic punch and kick to defeat them.

New players fail to understand that missing the high-damage combo puts them in negative frames. Understanding this concept will practically complete half the preparation for Street Fighter 6.

3) Guilty Gear Strive


Despite being an anime fighter, Guilty Gear Strive will do a lot to prepare players for Street Fighter 6. This is because the game will teach new players how to balance aggression and defensive play. Beginners will also learn the concept of landing combos, which anime fighters rely on a lot.

In Guilty Gear Strive, being too defensive will lead to players getting punished. Excessive offense will be equally as disastrous. The game is very easy to get into and is probably the most beginner-friendly fighting title on the market.

Guilty Gear Strive also has rollback netcode, a feature that improves online experience and removes lag. This is one of the reasons why new players will find the game useful in their preparation for Street Fighter 6.

4) King of Fighters XV


There is no doubt that King of Fighters XV is one of the most challenging and complicated fighting games on the market. If new players want to get ready for Street Fighter 6 the hard way, this is the game to opt for.

In King of Fighter XV, players will get used to pressing a lot of buttons. This is because every character or combo in the game requires this action in admittedly unhealthy amounts. However, players need to do it simultaneously for three characters since that is how the title's core gameplay mechanics work.

Other concepts like frame data, whiff punishes, as well as defensive and offensive play will also become apparent as players get used to the mechanics. The game will also make it easy for players to learn how to perform mixups and use neutral moves to pin enemies on the wall.

5) Granblue Fantasy: Versus


Granblue Fantasy: Versus is a great choice for players who want to prepare themselves for the arrival of Street Fighter 6.

This title is yet another anime fighter that covers the basics of a fighting game and teaches players the fundamentals pretty well. It is not as hard as some of the other entries on this list, but it will at least make sure that players do not get hit by a brick wall once they jump into Street Fighter 6.

A player's willingness to learn the mechanics of a game depends on their commitment. However, gaining early experience through similar titles is always worth it.