5 games with the most number of Roblox redeem codes

Popular games with accessible codes (Image via Roblox Corporation)
Popular games with accessible codes (Image via Roblox Corporation)
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Roblox redeem codes are a fantastic way to bring in new players. Not only can they be a way of rewarding users for sticking around, but also an opportunity for new players to catch up to veterans of the game.

Even underrated games have codes, though the most popular tend to have the most. It’s usually related to how popular the game is.

It may be more beneficial to consider trying a game if it has a long list of Roblox codes. Depending on the game, it can streamline players towards the most socially active sections. Here are five popular Roblox games that consistently give out a lot of codes.

5 Roblox games like Squid Game and Brookhaven that give players a lot of redeem codes

1) Squid Game


Squid Game doesn’t explore the power of teamwork, and instead, people are pitted against one another in deadly challenges. It’s an attempt to recreate Netflix's popular show, Squid Game.

It’s a popular game that is most fun when players try to trick one another. There are also a surprising number of Roblox codes that can be redeemed for cosmetic items. And since it’s still popular, it gets a healthy number of new ones every now and then.

2) All Star Tower Defense


All Star Tower Defense is such an interesting combination of genres: tower defense with anime. So, it’s no wonder those two booming communities came together to help raise All Star Tower Defense to superstardom.

Naturally, popular games like that tend to release a plethora of codes and All Star Tower Defense certainly delivers. The majority of codes give the game’s community Gems, the main currency for purchasing in-game items. Now is as good a time as any to start playing and benefitting.

3) Brookhaven


Brookhaven is all about roleplaying. Players are given the opportunity to try various careers, earn money, and live a virtual life. The social aspect of the game is as important as roleplaying.

As for codes, the game has an unbelievably long list available. However, the codes aren’t the traditional kind. Rather than being redeemed for special items, they add songs to a player’s boombox. The same song could show up multiple times, each one being a different remix.

4) Melee Simulator


It’s hard work being the strongest person around, which is the main goal of Melee Simulator. Exercise, earn money, exercise some more, earn more money. The grind in Melee Simulator can be tiring at times.

With plenty of codes available, players can bypass at least the initial grind towards the very top. The codes can be redeemed for Gems, items, and boosts.

5) Game Company Tycoon


Tycoon games on Roblox tend to be pretty cut and dry, sometimes downright boring. A few shine through, however, such as Game Company Tycoon. It isn’t as flashy as Super Hero Tycoon, but instead showcases the feeling of starting a company from a garage.

Many of the Roblox codes available are related to Gems, Rebirths, and every now and then, a neat pet. They’re all beneficial to running a gaming company from the ground up.

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