5 games to play while you wait for Saints Row (2022)

Players will undoubtedly be excited to play the newest installment in this legendary video game franchise (Image via - Xbox)
Players will undoubtedly be excited to play the newest installment in this legendary video game franchise (Image via - Xbox)

The Saints Row series is regarded as one of the best series in the action-adventure and open-world genre. The game was created by Volition and published by Deep Silver. It appears that the Saints Row reboot's gameplay will fall in between the prior two games' realism. Players are undoubtedly excited to play the newest installment in this legendary video game franchise.

Numerous AAA games with a large following and eager fans are coming in August. Saints Row, a franchise reboot from Volition, is one example of this. Players in the game travel to Santo Ileso where they put together a new gang to battle rival gangs and finally take over the city.

Additionally, developers of the Saints Row reboot have provided a brief sneak preview of the upcoming reboot, dubbed Boss Factory. Players can customize the playable character to suit their choices. Meanwhile, until the game comes out on August 23, one can play games that have a similar vibe.

Watch Dogs: Legion and 4 other games to play while you wait for Saints Row (2022)

5) Watch Dogs: Legion


Set in a near-future London, England in Watch Dogs Legion, players can now use the city as a virtual playground thanks to Ubisoft. The player's overarching objective is to deliberately stir up trouble in every part of London by carrying out various disruptive acts like hacking propaganda or liberating VIPs, among other things.

Most of the parkour and gameplay mechanics from Watch Dogs 2 are featured in Watch Dogs Legion. The NPC characters themselves are where the distinctive aspect really shines through. The amount of variation and diversity the game's characters display is astonishing since there aren't nearly as many reused elements as one might anticipate.

4) Sleeping Dogs


The first two Saints Row games and Grand Theft Auto are more on the realistic side, whereas Sleeping Dogs is more grounded. Players will step into the role of Wei Shen, an undercover police officer tasked with eliminating the triads, as they navigate the streets of Hong Kong in the game.

Sleeping Dogs' free-running feature is a big element of what makes the game entertaining and distinguishes it from others in the genre. Free running, which enables the player to travel over or around almost any impediment, is essential to the game in many ways. Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic game to try out for Saints Row gamers for this very reason.

3) Mafia: Definitive Edition


The game features Tommy Angelo, a former cab driver who becomes a gangster, describing his experiences as a member of the Salieri Mafia family. It has all the trappings of a crime saga in the very same style as The Godfather but is loaded with shootouts, vehicle chases, and other strong scenes to liven things up.

The Mafia has a good deal of charm. There is something about it that makes it interesting all the way to the end, even when one has to go back and look for trinkets and explore the surroundings. Saints Row players will stick around because of a combination of drama and criminal activities.

The game requires players to travel between sites in order to find objects or kill targets before escaping with a gunfight and a pursuit. Mafia's customization splits up that pattern during the course of the game, giving players a choice of various settings or an alternative to the standard objectives.

2) Far Cry 6


There are numerous quests throughout the entire runtime of Far Cry 6. Even though Giancarlo Esposito only seldom appears in the game, he always steals the show. Far Cry 6 will feel perfectly at home for any Far Cry lover.

The game saw the addition of a number of new elements, such as customizable camps, player skills, and innovative Resolver Weapons that players can create and personalize. Naturally, Far Cry 6 also features a brand-new narrative in which players strive to topple an oppressive leader.

1) Grand Theft Auto V


Grand Theft Auto V is a whole package of mayhem. Players can engage in anything they desire, including car theft and heists. The game has a comprehensive open-world with three protagonists, namely, Franklin, Trevor, and Michael.

Grand Theft Auto V experienced extraordinary sales success after its initial release in 2013 and immediately rose to the top of the list of video game ratings.

Whatever display choice players choose, Grand Theft Auto V on PS5 and Xbox Series X offers a visual upgrade overall. One of the best things to look out for when switching from GTA 5 on PS4 and Xbox One to GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox Series X is without a doubt how much better it plays, looks, and loads faster.

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