5 moments where xQc lost his cool on stream

Watch: xQc raging in a variety of different scenarios (Image via YouTube/xQcOW)
Watch: xQc raging in a variety of different scenarios (Image via YouTube/xQcOW)
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Felix "xQc" Lengyel is known for the explosive and energetic persona that he puts across during his streams.

This often leads to a ton of hilarious moments that are captured by the camera, in between questionable or concerning ones. The list will detail five incidents where xQc let his rage consume him.

5 times xQc became livid while his Twitch stream was on

1) When xQc lost it at mL7 during an Overwatch match

Back when the "OW" part of xQc's Twitch name "xQcOW" stood true, the streamer had many surges of rage. One of the most iconic ones, however, was when the ex-Overwatch professional matched against Ana-main and support player ml7.


The streamer was seemingly getting targetted by ml7, whose character's role is to deny xQc's character the chance to defend his team. Constantly getting "slept" throughout the match, Lengyel slammed his desk multiple times and berated ml7 to his own stream in retaliation.

2) When xQc shut down homophobes in his Twitch chat

Compared to the rest of the list, this particular incident is significantly milder in terms of visible "rage." However, at the time, it was significantly spoken about as it seemed discordant as to how xQc seemed as a person on stream.

Lengyel was streaming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War when he came across a load of homophobic comments in his live chat. He lost his cool, immediately shut it down and berated the people who posted them, saying that if they wanted to "jump" to calling someone a "sjw" for not tolerating homophobia, then he would "jump" to banning them.

3) When xQc snapped at a stream sniper during a match of Fall Guys

Streaming multiplayer games with public lobbies can be a battle of russian roulette, owing to the existence of "stream snipers." They are people who try to get into the same lobby as streamers and disrupt their game.

In October 2021, xQc was extremely irate after encountering an especially disruptive stream sniper while attempting to play Fall Guys. He ended up calling the player a "degenerate," saying "no one" liked them.

4) When xQc screamed at Tyler1 after getting blamed for their tournament loss

xQc and Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp have had a tough history since the latter called Lengyel out for cheating during a Fall Guys tournament in 2020. So when the two teamed up for the 2021 Fall Guys tournament, fans were shocked to say the least.

Their temporary truce went as well as one would expect, as the two argued with each other throughout the whole event. While bidding each other and the rest of their team goodbye, Tyler1 and xQc shared one last heated exchange.

5) When xQc used his feet to slam his desk after losing a Fortnite match

xQc isn't an expert on shooters, with many of his fans joking that he has "Winston aim," a reference to his time as a professional Overwatch player where he mostly played Winston, a character who auto-aims their attacks.


Back when Lengyel would often play Fortnite, the streamer went through an especially tough time matching his aim. During one match, he missed a shot at someone who was right in front of him, resulting in his loss.

He then performed one of his most-iconic desk slams, where he used both of his feet to hit the piece of furniture.

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