5 mysterious Fortnite characters who may return in Fortnite Season 6

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite
Modified 11 Mar 2021
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There are many new skins appearing in Fortnite Season 6. Epic Games has confirmed that a DJ Llama and a cowgirl will be two of the new skins featured.

Many rumors and leaks also seem to point to a werewolf or dire wolf coming into the game as well. New is great, but a bit of the old can be good too.

Fans can look to the lore and history of Fortnite to make educated guesses about which skins are most likely to be returning for Season 6. The characters below have stories that Epic Games may want to get more into over the course of Season 6.

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5 Characters who are sure to make a reappearance in Fortnite Chapter 6

#5 - Lexa

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

There were many rumors that Lexa was hiding something in Season 5. Two pictures posted by a user on Twitter show two potential bodyguards who appear to have a very suspicious attitude toward Lexa. The people around her tell her she's concealing something and that there's something dark within her.

The clues made many believe that Fortnite could perhaps use this as a way to kick off a future storyline. This may have something to do with the storyline of Season 6. Either way, it feels like Epic Games isn’t done with Lexa yet.

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#4 - Fox Skin

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

When the Fox Clan skin for Season 5 was released, Epic Games teased small plot details that would bring the clan back into the storyline. Players have yet to really see Fortnite take advantage of the new skin or the tease. Some think the tease was intended to be for Season 6.

In January, the Fox clan's involvement was teased, so maybe Epic Games has been laying the groundwork for season six.

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#3 - The Visitor

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

The Visitor isn’t done with the Fortnite universe just yet. During nearly every big change in Fortnite, at least one version of the seven visitors has come to be the harbinger of doom. Many speculate the visitors are returning in order to get players ready to move to a new map in the next Chapter.

At the end of Chapter 2, players will most likely be sent to a new map, and a visitor is normally directly responsible for the change of maps.

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#2 - Jules

Image via Fortnite Fandom
Image via Fortnite Fandom

Jules is second to last because while she did affect the story, she seems to only appear when Midas is involved. The story of Midas and Jules directly reflects one another, in that Jules always has something to do with her presumed father.

For a while, it felt like the tale of Midas and Jules was the narrative of Fortnite. The collaborations put a hold on their plots but it is obvious that Epic Games was not finished telling the story of the alleged father and daughter. The pairing's return is not only likely, but is the most requested by fans.

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#1 - Midas

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite

Midas has been the main antagonist of Fortnite for some time now. He has been the “bad guy” and did not need a collaboration or cash in to sustain his place, and players loved to have him. He was so popular that he returned for multiple seasons.

For many players, Jules and Midas represent the purity of Fortnite, before all of the collaborations. Season 6 would be a fantastic way to bring these two back and refocus Fortnite to its original storyline, instead of persisting in letting the collaborations become the storyline.

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Published 11 Mar 2021
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