5 rarest Fall Guys skins of all time

Some of the incredibly popular and rare costumes in Fall Guys (Image via Fall Guys)
Some of the incredibly popular and rare costumes in Fall Guys (Image via Fall Guys)
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Arka "Biasedguy" Sarkar

Ever since its launch, Fall Guys has become a worldwide sensation with its peculiar take on the battle royale genre. Unlike more traditional names like PUBG and Apex Legends, players don't have to collect guns and shoot each other. Instead, a hundred players have to outlast each other across several rounds, and the player who survives is declared the winner.

Players navigate the obstacles as beans, and they also have the option to customize these beans with unique skins. While there are many skins currently available in the game, some are only owned by a collect few. The following skins aren't ranked in any particular order, and all five have a special place in the game's history.

Top 5 Fall Guys skins that are incredibly difficult to obtain

1) Crash Tester skin


The costume makes the bean look like a crash test dummy, but it was only provided to a select group of people. Those who participated in the closed beta of Fall Guys were given this skin as a sign of appreciation.

Beta testing for the game was mostly done with PC players and a small group of PS4 players. The skin is no longer obtainable, but Mediatonic didn't add a minimum requirement for the skin. Anyone who participated in the test for even a minute received the costume.

2) Bulletkin


Fall Guys has collaborated with different games, and several costumes from those titles have made their way to the game. One such item is the Bulletkin costume, which is inspired by the indie game, Enter The Gungeon. Despite the massive differences between the two games, the Bulletkin skin fits in perfectly. However, it isn't easy to obtain.

The skin appeared in the shop as a featured item, but its appearance was based on random luck. If a player was lucky enough to find the skin in the shop, they could acquire it for 10 crowns.

3) My Friend Pedro


Soon after its release in 2020, Fall Guys released a My Friend Pedro-themed costume that turned the player into a banana. Like Bulletkin, this skin was also a featured item in the store, and players were required to spend 10 crowns to get the top and the bottom. However, the skin has stopped appearing altogether, making it quite rare.

There's a partial workaround since using a pair of yellow shorts could work if a player has fewer crowns. However, getting the skin at the moment is tricky, irrespective of the number of crowns a player has.

4) The Big Bad


The Big Bad costume is more common than the others on this list. This is because it was provided to players after the game's full release, and players were only required to log in during the first week. So, in many ways, The Big Bad became the first costume for many players.

Since its release, the game has seen many more players joining, but they haven't been able to receive the skin. In fact, the costume is no longer obtainable, making it quite rare.

5) Gordon Headcrab


Fall Guys has a soft corner for games from Valve, and the Gordon Headcrab costume is a testament to this. The Gordon Headcrab is one of the several variants of Gordon Freeman's skin in the game, and it pays tribute to one of the most iconic enemies in the Half-Life series.

The costume was only provided to those who had pre-ordered the game on Steam. This arguably makes it the rarest skin in the game since there is no other way to obtain it.

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