5 reasons to pull for Yelan in Genshin Impact 2.7

Yelan has a ton of utility (Image via Genshin Impact)
Yelan has a ton of utility (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact 2.7 will feature the powerful new 5-star character Yelan, a Hydro archer who can provide a ton of utility. She has some insane skills and some of the most unique animations in the game.

Yelan also looks to be an incredible Hydro enabler, and is very easy to build. She may become a meta-defining character in future updates thanks to her strong skillset. Fans will certainly want to summon for this character, and for those who are on the fence about the Night Orchid, this article provides five great reasons to wish for her here.

Genshin Impact 2.7: 5 reasons to wish for Yelan

Yelan may be one of the most stylish Genshin Impact characters released so far, and has definitely left an impact on the game's community. She has an incredible amount of utility, and can provide her team with constant Hydro damage along with some helpful crowd control capabilities. Here's why she's worth spending some extra Primogems on.

5) Powerful buffs

Yelan will be a VERY good hydro applicator and buffer forRational team (raiden national). Do take note that her “adapt with ease” passive won’t work sa mga characters na nagssnapshot like Xiangling, but with proper rotation, Xiangling can get some of that damage buff before her Q

Yelan can provide her team with some incredible buffs thanks to her Adapt With Ease passive. This talent allows her to increase the damage inflicted by her teammates as long as her Exquisite Throw is in play. This damage buff can reach up to 50%, which is an insane boost to damage for any character.

4) Synergy with Dendro

Dendro an indirect Yelan buff if this turns out to be true…

Yelan may be a potent user of the Dendro and Hydro reaction known as Overgrown. This reaction causes mushroom seeds to spawn that will bloom over time and deal AOE Dendro damage. Thanks to Yelan's constant Hydro application, she will allow her teammates to spawn quite a few mushrooms in battle.

3) Easy to build


Thanks to her HP scaling, Yelan is one of the easier characters to build in Genshin, as fans can use many of their off-pieces that have good substats. Many HP% artifacts like Sands and Goblets can be utilized in place of ATK% or Hydro DMG without losing much DPS, which will make building Yelan simple and quick.

2) Team flexibility

[2.7 BETA]As promised, here's a comparison between Yelan burst and Xingqiu burst#GenshinImpact #原神 #genshin #genshinleaks

Many teams in Genshin Impact take advantage of Xingqiu, as he is one of the best supports in the entire game thanks to his insane Hydro application. This has led to players being unable to use certain teams, as they only have one Xingqiu to go around. With the addition of Yelan, fans will now have more chances to run multiple Hydro-focused teams, especially in the Abyss.

1) Off-field Hydro application

// genshin leaksyelan's burst is so pretty, my god??

Yelan's Elemental Burst allows her to provide a ton of off-field Hydro application, which is one of the most valued things in the entire game. This allows many teams to work, like Freeze, Vaporize, and Electro-charged. With the addition of Yelan, even more teams will become viable, and fans will want to add her to their roster.

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