5 removed features that should come back in Clash of Clans

5 removed features that should comeback in Clash of Clans
5 removed features that should come back in Clash of Clans (Image via Supercell)

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. It was released back in August 2012 by Supercell. It has seen the introduction of many new buildings and features through updates in the last decade. Notably, the creators have also removed certain old features, which have never been reintroduced.

In this article, we will explore five features that were removed from the game but deserve to make a comeback.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

5 removed features that should make a comeback in Clash of Clans

1) No break limit

Break limit (Image via Supercell)
Break limit (Image via Supercell)

Back when there was no break limit, players used to stay online for hours, allowing the army to cook and protect their bases from attacks simultaneously. If a player was online, then their base could not be attacked even if there was no shield. Those trying to reach the top leagues used this method to increase their trophies.

Supercell added the break limit feature as a precautionary measure; the game automatically closes after long hours of playing. However, this leads to immediate attacks in top leagues. Supercell should remove the break limit and allow players to stay online as long as they want to. This would allow them to attack more and defend themselves until they can come online.

2) Inferno Tower healing block

Inferno Tower healing block (Image via Supercell)
Inferno Tower healing block (Image via Supercell)

Initially, Inferno Towers used to block Healing Effects, which made troops vulnerable to it. However, the feature was removed in December 2017 since Inferno Tower became overpowered and required some changes.

A lot of the newer troops like Root Rider, Super Dragon, and Electro Titan are quite strong, and they have made attacking much easier. Clash of Clans needs to bring back the heal block feature of Inferno Towers to combat this and change the meta of the 'Queen Walk' attacking strategy. Players will then be forced to come up with new strategies.

3) Reloading defenses and rearming traps

X-bows, Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, and Traps were previously required to reload by clicking on the Town Hall. This feature was good for farming players who used to look for such unarmed bases to loot a lot of Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gold, thus making it one of the best ways to increase town hall levels and upgrade defenses.

This feature was removed in the April 2019 update, where Supercell made the traps and Defenses reload automatically. They repair once a player logs in to the game. If this feature is introduced again in Clash of Clans, players will find more unarmed bases where they can loot various resources without worrying.

4) Selling buildings

Selling buildings (Image via Supercell)
Selling buildings (Image via Supercell)

Previously, players could sell their own buildings. The feature was disabled on November 19, 2012, because it was considered superfluous. Another reason for removing this feature was that some users were mistakenly selling their buildings. In fact, seven years later, one of the best Clash of Clans YouTubers, "Galadon Gaming," discovered an incredibly old player who had sold his Town Hall, and the player was removed for "hacking" and inactivity.

This feature if properly regulated could be good for some players as sometimes players need urgent resources. The same can be fulfilled by selling a few buildings. Clash of Clans can specify the buildings that can be sold for urgent resource needs like defenses or collectors.

5) Global chat

Global chat was one of the features that had been available since the game's release, however, it did not last. Global Chat was disabled from the game for security purposes. Supercell found it extremely difficult to regulate the global chat since players, particularly minors, were harassed all around the world while playing the game. Thus, Supercell decided to discontinue Global Chat in the October 2019 update.

As every coin has two sides, Global Chat, too, used to have a lot of advantages. It was a boon for clan leaders as they were able to interact with a lot of new players and therefore improve their clan. Also, it helped a lot of players find new clans, which served their specific requirements.

Nowadays, new clan leaders have difficulty in finding other clan members. So, Supercell should look to bring Global Chat with certain regulations.

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