5 rumored video games from Xbox that might be coming in the future

Xbox currently has a lot of properties under its belt (image via Xbox)
Xbox currently has a lot of properties under its belt (image via Xbox)

Xbox Game Studios has acquired many video game franchises over the last three years after buying ZeniMax Media (Bethesda) and Activision Blizzard. Looking ahead, the gaming industry seems ripe for the taking for Xbox. PlayStation will no doubt put up some good competition, but that is another story.

With a few hit video games like Deathloop out already and a couple more to come in the coming months, Xbox will soon be reaching the end of its list of announced games for the foreseeable future.

So then we look to leaks and rumors regarding possible releases that might be coming in the future, near or somewhat further down the line. Here are five rumored video games from Xbox that might be released in the coming years.

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5 rumored video games by Xbox that might be out in the future

1) New IP by Coalition

A typical day in Gears 5 (image via Coalition)
A typical day in Gears 5 (image via Coalition)

Best known for its Gears of Wars series, Coalition’s last release was Gears Tactics in 2020. Developed in partnership with Splash Damage, this video game was a change of pace from their general third-person shooter format, as Gears Tactics was a top-down perspective tactical game with turn-based combat.

While leaks and rumors suggest that they’re working on the next Gears of War game, one persistent piece of rumor suggests that the developer is finally branching out and going in with a brand new IP.

As reported by VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grugg, this new IP might be in the works along with Gears 6 and might possibly even be a new Star Wars game. However, he admitted that he is unsure wheher this new IP will launch before or after the new Gears game.

While there has been no confirmation on these reports as of yet, it is an intriguing piece of news as Coalition has strictly stuck to the Gears series in the past. A new IP could thus be an exciting prospect.

2) New Doom or Quake by id Software

Doom Slayer and Ranger (image via id Software)
Doom Slayer and Ranger (image via id Software)

After Doom Eternal, things have been quiet on the part of id Software for a while. However, since a new job listing was uploaded in the ZeniMax website for combat designers with knowledge of Doom (2016) and Doom Eternal, speculation has been rife that the Doom Eternal sequel is possibly underway.

One of id Software’s most successful franchises, Doom proved to be quite a success in its 2016 relaunch. Since then, it has had a sequel as well as a remaster of the original Doom from the N64 for current gen platforms.

While rumors of a Quake remake were also making the circles last year, they ultimately proved to be a red herring, as no announcement was made for the video game, even on its 25th anniversary. Yet, fans haven’t stopped hoping or speculating that maybe id Software’s latest job listing might be for a remake of Quake, similar to Doom.

3) Project “Cobat” by inXile Entertainment

Concept art for Project Cobalt (image via Aleksander Danilovac / ArtStation)
Concept art for Project Cobalt (image via Aleksander Danilovac / ArtStation)

inXile Entertainment is a game studio that is known for its role-playing games, such as The Bard’s Tale and the Wasteland series of games. As of 2018 Microsoft acquired the California-based studio, which has since then released the third Wasteland 3 video game.

Reports have been suggesting that the studio is working on a new FPS RPG game under Xbox, however details are sparse as of yet. Since then, leaks have mentioned that the codename for this game is Project “Cobalt” and could be released on 2023.

A piece of concept art released by the developers' concept artist Aleksander Danilovac showed what could be the setting of the game. The piece seems to be a steampunk design based in a Victorian environment. As far as concepts go, this is one full of potential.

4) Project “Midnight” by Compulsion

Bobby from We Happy Few (image via Compulsion Games)
Bobby from We Happy Few (image via Compulsion Games)

The developers behind the video game We Happy Few were acquired by Microsoft as of 2018. Reports suggest that the studio is currently working on a new project, which is going by the codename Project “Midnight” and might be another survival horror, based on rumors and leaks.

As early concept art leaks seem to suggest, the game seems to be set in a fantastical world, with creatures resembling monsters inhabiting it. It will likely be a third-person action adventure game, with a coming-of-age story concerning the protagonist.

With an emphasis on gothic elements, possibly featuring magic and considered to be a single-player experience, it would seem like Compulsion is set to deliver on a great game, at least on paper. An official announcement is yet to be made.

5) Project “Dragon” by IO Interactive

Xbox IO collaboration (image via Klobrille / Twitter)
Xbox IO collaboration (image via Klobrille / Twitter)

IO Interactive, well known for their successful Hitman franchise, is seemingly setting up a third team to work on a new IP. Reports had suggested previously that Xbox and IO were in talks to develop a new fantasy RPG video game, dubbed Project “Dragon.”

This is further backed up by a job listings notice on IO’s website for a Department designation of “Dragon.” While it is too early to take what is given as anything concrete, since things change during development, this is still interesting news as IO is taking a step in a seemingly new direction.

With the popularity and success of Hitman, it can be easy to see why Microsoft might approach IO for a third-party partnership regarding a high-quality exclusive video game. While nothing is set in stone as of yet, IO’s future looks bright, nonetheless.

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