5 secret recipes you missed in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Mermaid fence (Image via a deleted user on Reddit)
Mermaid fence (Image via a deleted user on Reddit)

Over the course of the Animal Crossing franchise, there have been quite a few DIY recipes. Players have been able to craft a wide variety of items, many of which are still present in New Horizons.

Most recipes are pretty straightforward, but there are plenty of secret recipes that players have discovered. Many of these are locked behind challenging milestones or are just incredibly rare.

Here are a few examples of those recipes.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons secret recipes

5) Veggie Basket DIY recipe

The Hedge DIY recipe is awarded by Leif, who can be found traveling to the island or at his permanent shop on Harv's Island. This is his most common recipe, with the Veggie Basket recipe being far more difficult to obtain.

Players have to purchase vegetables from Leif on three different days to unlock it. It requires one of these:

  • Tomato
  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Orange Pumpkin
  • Sugar cane
  • Wheat

4) Yellow Star Rug DIY recipe

Celeste has a chance to visit players when a meteor shower arrives, which makes her one of the rarest special visitors. She offers some of the best recipes, two of which were added with the 2.0 update. One of those is the yellow star rug. Players will have to meet her several times before getting it. It requires three star fragments.

3) Starry Skies Rug DIY recipe

The Starry Skies Rug recipe is the second and most challenging secret recipe from Celeste. It is the last recipe gamers can get from Celeste, so she'll have to visit even more times than necessary for the Yellow Star Rug DIY.

It's a great rug, so it's well worth the wait. Both Animal Crossing recipes can also be found in message bottles, but it's far easier to get them from Celeste, as ironic as that may be. It requires one large and one regular star fragment.

2) Cooking recipes from Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae (Image via Nintendo)
Daisy Mae (Image via Nintendo)

Daisy Mae, best known for her role as the resident stalk broker, can give players recipes too. Players can obtain the recipes for Bamboo Shoot Soup, Jarred Bamboo Shoots, Kabu Ankake and the Turnip Salad.

Animal Crossing players can unlock these by purchasing turnips from her. She'll send them in the mail afterwards. These require various cooking ingredients to complete, as shown when players get the recipes.

1) Mermaid Fence DIY recipe

Pascal, who can pop up when players are diving for deep sea creatures, offers DIY recipes in exchange for certain items. The Mermaid Fence DIY recipe is his most secret recipe.

It's often overlooked because it was added in the Animal Crossing 1.3 update, which is incredibly old now. One pearl, five sand dollars and five corals will craft it.

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