5 shocking moments from Ice Poseidon's jail livestream on Kick

These are five shocking moments from Ice
These are five shocking moments from Ice's jail livesteam. (Image via ice_poseidon/Instagram and Kick)

Contentious Kick streamer Paul "Ice Poseidon" has jumped on the bandwagon of streamers locking themselves in simulated jail environments and has devised his own iteration of the trend. With many big names like Kai Cenat coming up with their own renditions, these simulated jail environments often include challenges and tasks that streamers must complete to "escape" the virtual prison.

The last man standing in Ice Poseidon's challenge will earn $50,000. The participants of this jail stream include SJC, Ac7ionman, Henry, Salmon Andy, Crazytawn, Carl, and Hyubsama. Apart from the inmates, Twitch streamer Kimmee acted as sous-chef, and EBZ served as the head chef. The guards involved are Gary and Burger Planet.

Many have criticized the stream for its sensitive content involving the challenges the participants have to go through and their treatment in the jail stream. This article will explore five shocking moments from Ice Poseidon's jail livestream on Kick.

5 crazy moments from Ice Poseidon's jail livestream on Kick

1) Carl gets tased while trying to attack Paul

Ice Poseidon became the victim of an attack from Carl during one of the inspection rounds. For reference, here is Ice's own description of the participants of the stream:

Description of the participants as given by Paul himself. (Image via @IceUpdatesCx/X)
Description of the participants as given by Paul himself. (Image via @IceUpdatesCx/X)

Upon being freed, Paul proceeded to tase Carl for his misdemeanor and to restore order in the virtual prison. This incident showcased the unpredictable nature of Ice Poseidon's virtual prison and added an unexpected twist to the streaming experience.

2) Ac7ionman taken aback after seeing the jail bathroom

Fellow Kick streamer Aaron "Ac7ionman" was not too delighted after seeing the jail bathroom in Ice Poseidon's virtual prison. He was taken to the washroom with his hands cuffed behind his back and a bag over his face. He was subsequently told by Gary, one of the guards, that he would have to sit down since there were cameras in the bathroom. Upon having the bag on his head removed, Aaron saw that the view of the audience was blocked out by a very short curtain. The streamer was quite displeased due to the lack of privacy.

He felt uncomfortable knowing that his every move in the washroom was being watched by the audience. This made him question the ethics of streaming such private moments for entertainment purposes, as he stated:

"You motherf**kers aren't serious with this sh*t, are you?"

3) Ac7ionman falls while breaking up SJC and Tawn's fight

When a fight broke out between SJC and Tawn after a tug of war with the latter's prison t-shirt, Ac7ionman tried to intervene by jumping in the middle but lost his footing and fell, seemingly injuring and stunning himself for a moment.

Soon after, he got up yet again and managed to stop the two from fighting with the help of Ice Poseidon and Gary. They quickly separated the two, calmed them down, and resolved the fight. However, SJC was later removed from the stream due to his repeated use of homophobic slurs.

4) Burger gets punched by EBZ

Twitch streamer Josh "BurgerPlanet" got into a physical altercation with fellow creator Ebenezer "EBZ." The former is no stranger to physical fights, and in this case, it seems Ebz was originally asked by Burger Planet to store meat in a refrigerator. The conversation soon erupted into a furious altercation as Ebenezer refused to comply.

He ended up striking Josh directly in the cheek. This prompted the latter to state that he was going to call the authorities, which he eventually did and led to the arrest of Ebenezer.

5) The boxing match between Hyub and Tawn

A full-fledged boxing match, complete with gloves and protective headgear, was contested by the two men, wearing only their undergarments. The bout was being adjudicated by Gary, one of the guards.

Initially, even though Hyub (in red) seemed to overpower Tawn (in blue), the latter produced a comeback and threw a combination of consecutive punches, sending his opponent to the floor.