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5 streamers caught lying on stream by fans

Image Credits: BBC
Image Credits: BBC
Rishabh B.
Modified 28 Aug 2020, 23:33 IST

The world of streaming is full of weird, sometimes embarrassing stories, of which we have talked about quite a few. Some streamers were caught using offensive terms, while others were caught cheating. A few of these broadcasters took things too far, and ended up getting banned for their troubles.

Furthermore, we have even seen streamers getting trolled by their viewers. In furtherance of this trend, we talk about five streamers caught lying on stream. While some of these incidents effectively ended their careers, others were caught in hilarious situations.

Five streamers who were caught lying on stream

Tom Brady

While you might have heard of the athlete, the other Tom Brady is a Mortal Kombat player who was involved in quite the situation in 2019. Many streamers invite their fans to donate money for specific purposes. In this scenario, Tom asked his fans for contributions so that they could see him compete in a tournament in Philadelphia.

However, he took the money, and well, never showed up for the event! This absence led to an outcry from his viewers, but Tom 'explained' the situation. In his story, there was a train, a delayed and expensive Uber ride, and a hotel stay that he paid for.

Tom even claimed that he paid the event fee, but failed to show up for his matches. Moreover, a friend of his produced an obviously photoshopped Uber receipt as 'proof' of the fact that he was in Philadelphia, and only failed to make it to the tournament.

You can see the entire incident below:



Unlike the previous incident, this one is hilarious. Coppahead is a former Twitch streamer who does not stream anymore. However, in one of his VR broadcasts, he accidentally revealed his height to his viewers by clicking on the information tab.

His height showed up as 5'3". However, Coppahead had told his viewers that he was around 5'6". Even when the game was up, and everybody could see his real height, Coppahead did not stop, and stuck to his claims.

You can watch the incident below, along with some other events related to streamers:


In another rather disturbing case, we saw Angel "ZilianOP" Hamilton effectively ruin his career by making one huge mistake. He was a World of Warcraft streamer who 'allegedly' had a disability, and was paralyzed from the waist down.


However, during a stream, ZilianOP forgot that he was on camera, got up, and walked off! The streamer later claimed that he was working on his movement, and had fallen, off the camera. However, that wasn't enough to convince anybody, let alone his viewers.

You can see the entire incident below:


In another rather hilarious incident, we see a Twitch streamer boast about his COD: Warzone skills, as he goes around asking people if they have witnessed anybody better at the game. However, as it turned out, his users could see a cheating software's menu open throughout the stream.

Users were quick to notice, and within a day, the incident had gone viral. You can see the 'proof' of his cheating in the clip below:


Your Highness Qiao Biluo

Chinese streamer Qiao Biluo was a gamer who had more than 50k followers. However, while she was 58 years old, she had used various online images to imply that she was considerably younger. But during an interview with fellow streamer Qingzi, the secret was out. As the two streamers talked, fans noticed something peculiar!

People were already suspicious when they saw her hiding her face with a filter. However, the game was up when the filter disappeared, and her real face was there for everybody to see.

You can watch the entire incident below:

Published 28 Aug 2020, 23:33 IST
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