5 streamers who forgot their stream was still live

Content creators often face embarrassing situations while live (Image via Sportskeeda)
Content creators often face embarrassing situations while live (Image via Sportskeeda)

Being entertaining is, of course, an essential factor in being a successful content streamer, but embarrassing moments and fails are sometimes more enjoyable for viewers than curated content. One of the most common hilarious moments ensues from streamers forgetting to turn off their live stream.

Read on to find out some of the most hilarious moments that streamers inadvertently ended up causing.

Streamers who forgot to turn off their stream

1) Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg's surprise entry into streaming was well received by his vast audience. In one of his earliest streams, the rapper ended up streaming for longer than he intended.

After a disappointing Madden NFL game, the streamer thought he rage quit the game and turned off the stream. This happened 15 minutes into the stream. The stream was live for more than 8 hours after the streamer walked away. He noticed it the following day and seemed amused by the incident.

2) T-Pain

T-pain is an American musician-rapper (Image via T-Pain/Twitch)
T-pain is an American musician-rapper (Image via T-Pain/Twitch)

Another rapper faced a similar mishap to Snoop early into their streaming career. In one of T-Pain's earliest streams, he almost ended up leaking unreleased music from several artists he was working with. The rapper had a pleasant stream but forgot to turn off his camera at the end and only turned off his microphone.

He continued to work on the same PC while sharing his screen with viewers until a friend notified him of the error, following which he quickly ended his stream.



One of the best Fortnite players in the world ended up in an embarrassing situation when he forgot to turn off his stream. After bidding farewell to the viewers, the esports athlete got up to go with friends only to realize he hadn't turned off his stream.

The streamer rushed to turn off his stream and hilariously forgot that he was shirtless at the time.

4) Fangs


Fangs hosted a FIFA stream when she decided to call it quits and sleep. The creator, who was drunk, failed to properly turn off her stream, leaving her game, camera, and microphone on. While viewers had just started realizing the hilarity of the situation, she fell out of her chair in her sleep, making it all the more entertaining for those watching.

She hurt her back but still seemed amused overall and was later taken to bed by her boyfriend, who found her lying on the floor. He also then turned off the stream without comment.

5) Ninja


Along with having the most followers, Ninja probably also has the most hilarious stream fails to his name. After hosting a Fortnite stream, the former esports athlete interacted with his wife and her friend.

Both females jokingly spanked him. To add to the hilarity of the moment, all of it was seen by thousands of viewers live.

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