Fortnite rivalry between Ninja and Tfue comes to an end

Ninja and Tfue squash all their beef and reunite to play together (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ninja and Tfue squash all their beef and reunite to play together (Image via Sportskeeda)

The Fortnite community grows daily as they discover new ways to play across the looped island. Millions of players play it, from kids to even adults. The game is designed for all ages to enjoy and experience different universes from popular culture.

The community and the player base are filled with content creators, streamers and pro players that millions have followed. Several of these play games with their fan base. Often, content creators support one another and become friends outside the game. As friendships exist, rivalries are bound to take place.

One such infamous rivalry was between Fortnite pros Ninja and Tfue that lasted more than four years but fortunately has now come to an end.

Ninja vs Tfue rivalry concludes after four years in Fortnite


The infamous rivalry between OG content creators has come to an end. Ninja is known as one of the top content creators on various platforms. While his outgoing nature was entertaining, Tfue had a more chill vibe with his content. They had a huge beef that started way back in Fortnite Chapter 1 on who is better in the game.


After a recent event, when Tfue played Fortnite for the first time in a while, he was invited by Ninja and his gang to play and have fun. After seeing this, the community has declared that the banter between the two prodigies of Fortnite is over.

Moreover, Ninja retweeted a picture shared by a user of a group video call with Tfue where they seem to be enjoying the banter, thus putting an end to their beef.

How did the Beef between Ninja and Tfue started?


This epic rivalry dates back to Chapter 1 of the game. At this point, Ninja and Tfue were the top growing streamers. This helped the community start the trend about who is better amongst them. The community worldwide was waiting for these two Fortnite pros to cross paths once in a match and fight.


This came to be true, and the battle between them started happening. It was the first-ever fight where Tfue took the winning spot against him. But later on, Ninja made a huge comeback and defeated him in later seasons.

After that, many battles were held in live matches between them. To this date, there is a massive debate amongst the community on who is better.


By the middle of Chapter 2, the hype between this banter and commotion had slowed down. This happened as Tfue stopped playing the game and focused on other games he wanted to experience. Tfue even returned to play and had his first match with Ninja himself, indicating that they both entered on good terms with each other.

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