5 streamers who were robbed on live stream

Image Credits: Faze Adapt, YouTube
Image Credits: Faze Adapt, YouTube
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Considering the high amount of time most streamers spend on camera, bizarre incidents are bound to occur every once in a while. We have seen them getting into life-threatening situations on camera in the past. Furthermore, we have witnessed other incidents where streamers got robbed live in front of viewers!

We recently talked about Robcdee, who has seen some of the most hilarious and wackiest incidents ever recorded. This includes the time he caught a man taking a dump in the middle of the road during an adventure.

Regardless, in this article, we look at some of the scariest robberies attempted against streamers on live stream. Some of them responded brilliantly, while others appeared shaken.

Five streamers who were robbed on live stream

FaZe Adapt

Alexander Hamilton Pinkevich, better known as FaZe Adapt, was involved in a rather bizarre robbery. As it turned out, the streamer was in Arizona when he saw on a security camera that a man had broken into his house.

Image Credits: looper
Image Credits: looper

The streamer claimed that the man in question had broken into his house twice already, getting away both times. As you can see in the video at the end of the article, he looks on as the robber goes through his belongings, and promises to get him caught, now that he had photographic and video evidence. Regardless, it is one of the most bizarre incidents involving streamers.

FaZe Rug

In another equally wacky incident, we see a fan obsessed with FaZe Rug (Brian Awadis) break into his house without any apparent reason. When caught, he appears rather excited to see his favorite streamer and walks up to hug him.

Image Credits: Fang Wallet
Image Credits: Fang Wallet

Moreover, the fan enters his game room despite vocal resistance from the streamer and his family. While Brian was, on the whole, very amicable about the rather weird situation, the 'fan' might as well have been a robber who was smart enough to lie when caught. It appears as though some of these broadcasters require better security, to say the least!

The intruder

Well, this is an even more bizarre incident, as instead of the streamer getting robbed, we saw the opposite situation! The latter attempted to break into a house during an 'IRL' stream. He can be heard trying to explain to the people who caught him that he 'didn't have any bad intentions.'

However, as one would expect, the owners and security guards of the place were not at all impressed, and ended up physically assaulting the 'criminal.' You can look at the incident in the video at the end of the article, along with some other incidents involving streamers.


Well, there is no shortage of wacky incidents in this segment. Here, we see a woman break into Deji’s house by hopping over a fence. The streamer, whose real name is Oladeji Daniel Olatunji, decides to talk to the intruder.

Image Credits: Dexerto
Image Credits: Dexerto

As it turns out, the woman explains that she just moved in 'around the corner' and thought that she would say 'Hi.' Deji is not impressed, and decides to make her go back the same way she came from! He is one of the calmest streamers in this list, as far as these incidents are concerned.

Dr DisRespect

Well, the final, and probably scariest, incident in the list pertains to the one and only Dr DisRespect. During one of his sessions, somebody started shooting at his house! The streamer was pulled off the live stream by someone from his team, who explained to him the situation.

Image Credits: HT Tech
Image Credits: HT Tech

As you would expect, the incident left him shaken but angry, and he explained that it was the second time in two days that his house had been shot at. The Doc further called the shooter a 'coward,' although he used an entirely different word. Of course, if you haven't guessed the word already, you should not watch the video below.

However, if you have, you can see the incident, along with the others mentioned above, in the video below.


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