5 strongest Water-type moves in Pokemon

Water-Type Pokemon are one of the most common types of Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)
Water-Type Pokemon are one of the most common types of Pokemon (Image via The Pokemon Company)

The success of the Pokemon franchise has hinged on fans' love for the starter trio Pokemon types: Water-Type, Fire-Type and Grass-Type.

Water-Type Pokemon are one of the most common types of Pokemon to run into. There are multiple water bodies in the games but many Water-Type Pokemon don’t even need to be in water to survive.

Just like every other type of Pokemon, Water-Type Pokemon have their own moves. Water-Type moves are known for their great attacks that have high power and cause high damage. They are also super effective against Rock-type, Fire-type and Ground-type Pokemon.

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5 best Water-type moves in Pokemon

#5 - Water Spout

Water Spout (Image via Game Freak)
Water Spout (Image via Game Freak)

Introduced in Generation III, this Water-type move is a real show-stopper. The damage inflicted with Water Spout is tied to the user’s HP. So, the higher the Pokemon’s HP, the more damage they will inflict on their opponent.

Having the same base power as Hydro Cannon (150), this powerful move will make a great addition to the moveset of any Water-type Pokemon.

#4 - Hydro Cannon

Hydro Cannon (Image via Game Freak)

Hydro Cannon is a favorite of most Water-type Pokemon trainers. However, it can only be taught to the Water-type starters of each generation.

With a base combat power of 150, Hydro Cannon is known for the impressive amount of damage it can inflict on its target in just one move.

With an accuracy of 90%, Hydro Cannon is great at chipping away at the target’s HP if not clearing it all out at once. The only downside to this awesome move is that the user's Pokemon will have to recharge for one round after use.

#3 - Hydro Pump

Hydro Pump (Image via Game Freak)

Introduced in Generation I, Hydro Pump is available to most Water-type Pokemon in the franchise.

With an incredible base power of 110, this Water-type move is sure to inflict great damage to any target, even other Water-type Pokemon.

This move doesn’t come without a downside though. It only has an 80% accuracy, which means it can sometimes be a risk to use in battle.

#2 - Crabhammer

Crabhammer (Image via Game Freak)

Crabhammer is a Crustacean-based Pokemon-only move. This means it is only available to Pokemon like Kingler, Crawdaunt, Clawitzer and Crabrawler.

Crabhammer has the damage potential of Hydro Cannon, without the need to recharge for a whole turn. With a base combat power of 100 and an accuracy of 90%, this attack move is great for when a trainer’s crab-like Pokemon is in a pinch.

#1 - Oceanic Operetta

Oceanic Operetta (Image via Bulbapedia)

Introduced in Generation VII, Oceanic Operetta is the signature move of the Generation VII starter, Primarina.

Oceanic Operetta has an incredible combat power of 195, which means it is great for inflicting massive amounts of damage to any opponent. This move can only be used once but if used at just the right time, it can be a complete battle finisher.

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