5 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mods which require SkyUI

5 best mods that require SkyUI. (Image via SkyUI Team)
5 best mods that require SkyUI. (Image via SkyUI Team)

Skyrim is still going strong despite being more than a decade old. While the game is enormous and spans a vast open world for gamers to explore, Skyrim owes this success to the modding community. In a way, Skyrim is virtually a never-ending game. One of the most sought-after mods is SkyUI.

SkyUI is an interface mod that has completely overhauled the clunky user interface of Skyrim. SkyUI is much more intuitive for mouse and keyboard players and is aesthetically superior to the original user interface. The mod is so efficient that it has become a platform for other mods in Skyrim.

Moonlight Tales and 4 best Skyrim mods that run with SkyUI


Even though SkyUI aims to improve the user interface, countless mods can be accessed via Steam or Nexus mods requiring SkyUI. From visual tweaks to full-blown quests and factions, these mods are ideal for experiencing this classic RPG from a unique perspective.

The following are the best mods that require SkyUI:

1) A Witcher's Adventure - LE Backport

Created by: Gardden


Who wouldn't love a mashup between Witcher and Skyrim? Fans of Witcher 3 were left instantly wondering how casting signs and fighting monsters feel in the world of Skyrim. Players can check it out for themselves with this excellent mod.

The mod adds casting signs, 40 more swords, new monsters, and even a new skill tree. If they wish to solidify their Witcher theme, players can use potions and start a series of quests that will make them feel like a monster hunter like Geralt.

2) 28 Days and a Bit 5 - Zombie Mutation

Created by: Eccentric Team


The world of Skyrim is full of draugrs, resurrected enemies, bandits, and other opponents out to kill the player. With 28 Days and a Bit 5 mod, players can taste a zombie apocalypse in Skyrim.

Players can simulate a zombie outbreak and even help their companions barricade doors and windows to prevent zombies from infiltrating a house. Players can even give NPC orders and instructions to help the survivors evade the waves of Zombies.

3) Deadly Dragons

Created by: 3JIou and Redshift


For players who wish to up the ante and duel with aggressive dragons, this Deadly Dragons mod is for them. This mod adds fourteen more dragon types and allows players to be more aggressive by tweaking parameters using SkyUI.

Players can even control the spawn rates of dragons using this mod and have multiple dragons in one area. Players looking to lengthen the encounters can even increase the health of these dragons to 50000 points.

4) Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials

Created by: Brevi - Al99 - NsJones


Players can now wreak havoc as a werewolf, all thanks to the Moonlight Tales mod. This mod comes packed with new werewolf animations, skins, and even sound effects that match the carnage. One thing that elevates this mod to a must-have category is the lunar transformations and new abilities.

Players can even play as a werebear using this fantastic mod. The mod consists of 28 fur textures, four eye glow settings, three teeth and mouth textures, and 30 eye color options. Players can even customize their transformation time. Players who wish to stick to real werewolves lore can trigger their transformation on an entire moon appearance.

5) Vampiric Thirst - Dawnguard Edition

Created by: Miss Leeches


This mod completely overhauls the game's vampirism mechanics. Players will go through 6 stages of vampirism with increased penalties and equivalent perks. Players will have to fight the aging process, and there are added feeding mechanics that will grant them added perks.

Players will have to work to attain a separate set of powers from the ground up. However, players won't be able to breeze through town as there are powerful NPCs with similar abilities. Even sunlight is harmful to players struck with vampirism.

Fans awaiting a release date on Starfield or patiently waiting for any information on Elder Scrolls 6 can explore these mods. Most of them add a lot of activities and a fresh coat of paint to the world. Players can even start a new game to experience the wide variety of top-tier mods that revamp the gameplay in refreshing ways.