5 things to consider before wishing in the Zhongli banner in Genshin Impact

(Image via Genshin_Intel)
(Image via Genshin_Intel)
Tariq Hassan

With Genshin Impact 1.5 coming in less than a week, players will be able to begin the newest chapter of the game's story very soon. While many players are looking forward to the story and gameplay updates, a majority are focused on the new banner and wondering whether they should wish on it.

As a large part of Genshin Impact revolves around players deciding which banners to roll on, it can be difficult to decide which banner is right.

Here are five things to consider before rolling on the Zhongli banner.

Genshin Impact 1.5: 5 things to consider before rolling on Zhongli banner

Players may not have much to consider when rolling on this upcoming banner, as many are certain to be wishing for the return of Zhongli. Still, there are things to consider for each individual player, and some may not be thinking of the whole picture.

#1 - Do players need a shield character?

(Image via Genshin Impact )
(Image via Genshin Impact )

This banner is full of many strong shields using characters, including Noelle, Diona, and Zhongli. Players who lack shields for their teams will definitely want to take this opportunity and grab one of these characters as shields. They are becoming more and more important in Genshin Impact.

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#2 - Do players especially like Zhongli?

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

The most obvious reason to wish on the Zhongli banner is if players are fans of the character. Players who were already considering wishing on the banner out of loyalty to the Geo Archon probably didn't need to be swayed by this list. However, for those who are on the fence, they should consider whether they would enjoy having Zhongli joining them on their adventure.

#3 - Are players saving for Eula?

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

As Eula will be releasing soon after Zhongli, players who wish to acquire the aid of Mondstadt's Spindrift Knight may have to skip out on Zhongli unless they have a large cache of Primogems saved up.

Eula will provide incredible Physical damage to a team, and if players are considering adding her to their lineup, they may have to sit out Zhongli's banner a second time.

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#4 - Are players trying to beat all content?

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

If players are attempting to complete all content in the game, picking up Zhongli is definitely a worthwhile investment. Zhongli has incredible utility in the Genshin Impact overworld and in the Spiral Abyss. Players that feel like completionists should attempt to pick this powerful all-rounder to complete any team.

#5 - Will Zhongli be powercrept?

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

While Eula is a traditional DPS character who may be powercrept in the future by a character that does more damage, Zhongli is and most likely always will be the premier shield generating character.

With his insane utility and amazing tankiness, Zhongli will almost always have a spot on a team and will remain a worthwhile choice for ages. Players who are worried about powercreep in Genshin Impact should pick up this stable unit for sure.

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Wishing on a banner in Genshin Impact comes down to assessing the needs of a player's team and seeing if that banner reaches those needs. That is, if players aren't just wishing because they like that character. Either way, wishing on the Zhongli banner will definitely pay off.

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