5 things from the Street Fighter 6 gameplay reveal you might have missed

Luke and Jaime in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Luke and Jaime in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

The PlayStation State of Play event on June 2 announced Street Fighter 6, which is due to hit shelves sometime in 2023. Fans of the series were treated to a three-minute trailer for the game, showcasing the gameplay and certain other features.

Street Fighter is a much-loved franchise, originating in 1987 for the arcade as a 1v1 2D fighting game. Filled with a host of characters with interesting backstories and different abilities, the series was even popular enough to get a live-action movie adaptation in 1994.


The footage revealed at the State of Play event showed off much of the new game’s mechanics and some possible story elements. Here are five of the more significant aspects of the trailer that people might have missed.

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5 things from the Street Fighter 6 reveal that people might have missed

1) Customizable player character

The hooded figure is possibly a player character (Image via Capcom)
The hooded figure is possibly a player character (Image via Capcom)

In the trailer, players get a glimpse of a hooded character running through the open streets, dishing out Shoryukens like nobody’s business. Since this character isn’t Ken or Ryu, their appearance suggests that they could be a customizable player character that players could use as their avatar.

In a move akin to Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, Street Fighter 6 may incorporate a narrative around an original character that is the player’s own creation. Judging by the Shoryuken being delivered, iconic moves might be learned by this player character as well.

While previous games have kept the focus on the existing characters of the Street Fighter series, this entry might solely follow the player character’s journey in the game, as they traverse the world and meet legendary fighters. The entry on the official Street Fighter 6 website seems to corroborate this.

2) A single-player story mode

The explorable city in Street Fighter 5 (Image via Capcom)
The explorable city in Street Fighter 5 (Image via Capcom)

The unknown hooded character is also seen traversing the streets and taking part in fights across the world of the game. This seems to illustrate the single-player campaign of the player character, as they possibly start off as a rookie in the world of Street Fighter and make their way to the top.

The official website states that the story is about the player and their journey through the world. Meeting a rival is mentioned, and this could mean that the player might have a designated rival in the story, similar to the Pokemon games.

The term ‘World Warrior’ is also used, which might relate to the fact that the story takes place across several different parts of the world, possibly with more than one explorable area. However, it is not clear whether the campaign would adopt an open-world format.

3) The Battle Hub

The Battle Hub (Image via Capcom)
The Battle Hub (Image via Capcom)

Seen for a few brief seconds at the end of the trailer was an area termed the Battle Hub. While not much is clear from the trailer regarding this, the official Street Fighter site provides some more details on this part of the game.

As per the description provided on the site, it would seem like this is where players interact with each other in the multiplayer mode. With an emphasis on finding friends as well as rivals, it seems that players might be able to challenge each other to duels as well as exchange friend requests.

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With a new type of multiplayer, the game definitely requires a virtual hub for different players to meet each other. As details regarding the Battle Hub are sparse as of yet, it's hard to accurately predict what other features it will provide, but customizable options for the player character and/or a merchant to learn moves from might be a good bet.

4) Ryu has mastered Satsui no Hadou

Ryu returns in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)
Ryu returns in Street Fighter 6 (Image via Capcom)

One of the returning characters from the original Street Fighter line-up is Ryu, who is looking much older now and sporting a full beard. He seems to have ditched the top half of his gi as well, instead of wearing a hermit-like scarlet shawl, although he does have his iconic red headband.

During his gameplay in the Street Fighter 6 trailer, he can be seen using his iconic Hadouken and Shoryuken at times, although he can also be spotted briefly channeling a purple aura. Fans familiar with Street Fighter lore will be quick to notice that this is the color of Satsui no Hado or Dark Hado.

Throughout the series, Ryu has had a lot of trouble controlling this aspect of his power, as a balance between Satsui and Kyosui can mean complete control of their power. It would seem that by the events of Street Fighter 6, Ryu will have fully mastered this ability and will be able to use it in conjunction with his regular Hado.

5) Chun-Li is now a master

Chun-Li as a martial arts instructor (Image via Capcom)
Chun-Li as a martial arts instructor (Image via Capcom)

Another returning character in Street Fighter 6 is Chun-Li, who was the first female character in the original video game. Initially starting out as an Interpol agent who was trying to find her missing father, Chun-Li has undergone some significant changes over the years, while still retaining most of her iconic looks.

Trained in different forms of martial arts by her father, which led her to develop her own techniques, Chun-Li is seen in the Street Fighter 6 trailer giving lessons to an unknown character.

This might lead into a larger mechanic of the game wherein the player character might meet iconic Street Fighter legends and learn their moves and fighting styles. Finding different masters throughout the game world could be the primary way to fight them in the story or become their pupil, possibly even both. It is a fighting game after all.

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