5 things to take away from Bayonetta 3 "Ways of the Witch" trailer

Ready to have some fun with the naughty witch? (Images via Ninetndo)
Ready to have some fun with the iconic witch? (Images via Ninetndo)

Bayonetta 3 is finally coming later this year and fans can't wait. The previous entry was launched for the Wii U back in 2014, with the current installment arriving eight years later. With the release not far away, publisher Nintendo has showcased a seven-minute-long trailer for the game.

Enjoy 7+ minutes of bewitching over-the-top gameplay from #Bayonetta3! Watch here:

Aiming to familiarize beginners with the basics and show new changes, there is a lot to cover.

Bayonetta 3 looks to be the most complex entry in the series

This one is for the angels in the audience! Join Bayonetta for a devilishly good time in this hair-raising, demon-summoning adventure.#Bayonetta3 releases on #NintendoSwitch 10/28.Pre-order today!

1) Infernal Demons play a major role in combat encounters

Unleash hell in battle (Image via Nintendo)
Unleash hell in battle (Image via Nintendo)

The Bayonetta series is known for its over-the-top executions. These were previously covered in the form of QTEs (Quick Time Events) as the Umbran Witch summons allied demons from the depths of the Inferno. This time, however, she will be able to command them in battle.

The lower-left corner of the screen will display deployable demons that possess their own health and consume the magic meter while active. These demons will come in handy in escaping tight spots and launching counter attacks.

2) The game has a risk vs reward nature

This demonic power comes at a price (Image via Nintndo)
This demonic power comes at a price (Image via Nintndo)

While the Infernal Demons are active, players will have to manage both their health and the Umbran Witch's magic meter. The latter is used for powerful combo moves that incorporate demonic movesets.

Furthermore, while controlling the demons, players can simultaneously maneuver Bayonetta as well. However, she will be unable to attack and left exposed. Players will have to strike a balance between these factors to emerge victorious.

3) Channel demons bound to Bayonetta's weapons via Demon Masquerade system

Terrify foes with this newfound ability (Image via Nintendo)
Terrify foes with this newfound ability (Image via Nintendo)

Throughout the story, Bayonetta will earn new weapons to diversify her repertoire. However, there is the added benefit of channeling the demons into each weapon.

Thanks to a brand new mechanic called Demon Masquerade, players can alter Bayonetta's appearance and movesets based on the equipped weapon.

4) New playable character Viola introduces a more defensive playstyle

Are you looking forward to checking her out? (image via Nintendo)
Are you looking forward to checking her out? (image via Nintendo)

While the series is no stranger to multiple playable characters, Viola looks to be the most unique of them all. Sporting a sword that harbors a demon called Cheshire, this Witch is not to be trifled with.

Along with that, Viola also possesses Witch time, an ability that slows everything down whilst blocking.

She uses magical darts for long range attacks and can even summon Cheshire from her sword out on the battlefield. Unlike Bayonetta, Cheshire will fight on its own and players will be able to control Viola as normal.

The only difference is that she will now fight with her fists and thus, cannot use Witch time while the demon is active.

5) Accessibility opens up the game to new players

Relax, the witch is back and sexier than everπŸŒ™We've added the revolutionary "Naive Angel Mode" to Bayonetta 3 so more people can fully enjoy itπŸ‘By turning it on, you can play right in the living room without having to worry about what's on screen... we thinkπŸ˜…#Bayonetta3

The game will feature three difficulty modes: Casual (Easy), Standard (Normal), Expert (Hard). These can be switched at any time. Additionally, those who wish for a simplified combat experience can equip the Immortal Marionette accessory. This will allow one to execute combos with simple one-button inputs.

The game is set to launch on October 28, 2022 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

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