5 most underwhelming Steel Pokemon in Sword and Shield

There's quite a few Steel Pokemon in Sword and Shield (Image via Steel-Type Pokemon Fan Club, PokeCommunity Forums)
There's quite a few Steel Pokemon in Sword and Shield (Image via Steel-Type Pokemon Fan Club, PokeCommunity Forums)

As expected of Sword and Shield, Generation VIII has quite the variety of Steel Pokemon, though not all have lived up to expectations.

With the addition of many of the franchise’s MIA Steel types appearing in The Crown Tundra, the list of such Pokemon in Sword and Shield is sizable. The number of Pokemon to choose from didn’t make creating this list any more difficult, though.

These five, in particular, stood out immediately, making them perfectly deserving to be on this list.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Top 5 disappointing Steel Pokemon in Sword and Shield

#5 - Skarmory

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

It almost hurts to have Skarmory on this list, but, frankly, it deserves to be here. Generation VIII introduced the second Steel and Flying Pokemon in existence, Corviknight. It not only has Skarmory’s same typing but also has exceptional abilities, better stats across the board (save for speed, which Skarmory wins in by three points), and exceedingly similar potential move sets.

In addition, a player can begin the process for obtaining a Corviknight by catching a Rookidee as soon as Route 1. Meanwhile, Skarmory cannot be caught unless the player heads to the Isle of Armor and goes to a section meant to be accessed later in the adventure.

Put simply, Skarmory is outclassed and less accessible than Corviknight in every way except speed.

#4 - Durant

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Durant’s place on this list is not really due to any specific reason. It’s just the Pokemon doesn’t really leave much of an impression. It was introduced in Generation V as a prey-counterpart to Heatmor, a Fire-type anteater. And truthfully, that’s all it’s ever really been.

Its stats are alright, but not the best, as Bug and Steel is not a phenomenal typing. It has a decent move set, but one of its abilities is not useful and another is worse than having no ability at all.

In any instance where players would consider using a Durant, there is pretty much always a superior Steel-type option.

#3 - Mawile/All Mega-Evolvable Pokemon

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

This place is technically reserved for all the Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution. For simplicity’s sake, the focus will be on a Steel Pokemon that lost the most from the bold decision to completely cut out Mega Evolutions: Mawile.

Mawile was never the best Pokemon, but in Generation VI, it received a massive boon between not just gaining a Fairy typing but also receiving a Mega Evolution. Thanks to its ability, Huge Power, this Mega Evolution had the highest attack of any Pokemon in Generation VI and was still extremely useful in Generation VII.

But with the removal of Mega Evolutions in Sword and Shield, Mawile was stripped of its most powerful and useful option. This makes its appearance in Generation VIII a painful reminder of what once was.

#2 - Togedemaru

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

It’s a Pikachu clone. But it’s not even a very good one. Heck, it’s not even the best Pikachu clone of its generation. Togedemaru is from Generation VII, the same generation as Mimiku, an actually well-designed and useful Pokemon.

It was outclassed in both design and usefulness then, and it certainly still is now. If gamers want a Pikachu clone, they can choose Emolga or Mimikyu. For a Steel and Electric Pokemon, they can opt for Magnezone. And players looking for a little adorable ball can select Jigglypuff or Cosmog. Togedemaru doesn’t win in any area.

#1 - Galarian Stunfisk

Image via ZERREK on DeviantArt
Image via ZERREK on DeviantArt

Galarian Stunfisk is a disappointing addition to Generation VIII. There are dozens of Pokemon that would have been excellent candidates for a Galarian form, or even just to be included in Sword and Shield.

Instead, the players got Galarian Stunfisk. Its typing is worse than the original’s, its singular ability is worse than all three of the original’s options, and its stats flipped around slightly.

With all of that said, both the design and color scheme of Galarian Stunfisk are pretty neat. And while the whole “pretending to be a Pokeball” has been done before (twice), the addition of the pretender also being a bear trap of sorts isn’t half bad. It’s just such a shame that Stunfisk is so awful and that its Galarian form is arguably even worse.

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