5 ways in which FIFA 22 is better than FIFA 21

FIFA 21 vs FIFA 22: What's different this year? (Image via Sportskeeda)
FIFA 21 vs FIFA 22: What's different this year? (Image via Sportskeeda)

FIFA 22 seems like a step forward from FIFA 21 in various aspects. EA recently released the latest installment of its beloved football video game series, and players have been comparing it to its predecessors ever since.

New changes to existing game modes keep things fresh and see players coming back for more. The Volta Arcade games and Career Mode, in particular, make FIFA 22 the most enjoyable FIFA in years.

FIFA 21 vs FIFA 22: Five reasons the new game is better

5) More realistic matches


Matches are more fun and realistic in appearance, feel, and playability. This is due to EA Sports' latest HyperMotion technology, which has been the sole focus of their advertising. Player movements feel more lifelike and less robotic now.

4) Higher difficulty


FIFA 22 is more challenging than FIFA 21, and while this may appear to be a disadvantage to newcomers, it is actually beneficial. This added difficulty increases the competitiveness of each match and eliminates the possibility of absurdly large scorelines, especially in offline games.

3) More intuitive gameplay


The majority of the new gameplay adjustments have helped make the system more realistic and intuitive. Passing and patience are essential, but clever runs and timing the new explosive sprint are crucial for creating opportunities and scoring goals.

When defending, player switching is more straightforward, and teammate pressure now has a time limit. This implies that gamers can no longer rely on the AI to perform all of the legwork for them when attempting to reclaim the ball.

2) Improved VOLTA Football


Volta has seen the most significant changes of all of the game modes this season. EA has removed the story mode and emphasized the importance of skills instead.

The new Skill Meter incentivizes gamers to perform skill moves and flair passes, which offer additional boosts. Tricks and taunting of opponents are now encouraged.

1) Better Career Mode


The Player Growth system has been added to Career Mode, making this aspect less random and more intuitive than the previous game. Players level up in Volta and Pro Clubs in the same way they level up an RPG character.

Career Mode also gets other new features like Create A Club and Dressing Room Atmosphere.

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