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5-year-old prodigy shocks the internet with an intense 1vs4 clutch in Valorant 

(Image Via Riot Games)
Nakul Ahuja
Modified 17 Feb 2021
(Image Via Riot Games)

A 5-year-old Valorant prodigy has broken the internet with his mind-bending skills, hitting a 1vs4 clutch that will even surprise the devs of the FPS.

Not only did the prodigy secure a montage-worthy clutch in Icebox, but he also went on to bag an Ace.

"Daddy! Oh my gosh, I got an Ace Daddy," said the kid, before running out of the frame.

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Foopa entered Icebox with a massive disadvantage as his teammates went down pretty easily, leaving him alone to try and sustain the round. What looked like an uphill task turned into a swift clutch that won his team the attacking round.

Owing to his presence of mind and a bit to Reyna's abilities, Foopa was not only able to wipe off aggressive enemies, but he also dodged snipe damage to bag an impressive clutch Ace.

One of his parents shared a post on Reddit revealing that while Foopa has been trying his luck at several titles, he has found solace in Riot Games' FPS, Valorant.


Valorant updates behavior detection for a better gaming experience

Even though Vanguard has been pretty successful in keeping cheaters at bay, several players from across the world have made things difficult for other players. They are often seen shooting racist and discriminatory slurs that have nullified the excitement behind FPS.

To combat this problem, Riot introduced a patch that detects behavior and also deals sanctions to players who don't adhere to the new policies.

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Valorant will also track messages that are exchanged in the game. Regardless of who initiates unacceptable comments, whoever gets involved in the same will be penalized.

The players just have to report the issue and Riot will do the rest. Several titles, including CS:GO and Valorant, have experienced a massive drop in their circuit of players owing to this toxicity.

Here's hoping Valorant becomes accessible to all and such issues are put to rest in future updates.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 20:00 IST
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