"Love Fortnite and will always play it to some capacity": Ninja debunks rumors suggesting he's quitting the battle royale game

(Image Via Sportskeeda)
(Image Via Sportskeeda)
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Tyler "Ninja" Blevins recently took to Twitter to announce that he has no plans of quitting Fortnite. The statement was made following rumors that he's quitting the title that made him famous.

Ninja is undoubtedly one of the most popular content creators to have played Fortnite. He started playing Halo professionally in 2009 but became a household name in the gaming community when Epic Games' 100-man battle royale: Fortnite arrived on the scene.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Ninja's success is almost entirely linked to Fortnite.

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Ninja annoyed with regular cases of stream sniping

Ninja is among a handful of content creators to have his own skin in Fortnite as part of the Fortnite Icon Series. He once held the Twitch record for the largest concurrent audience on an individual stream (635,000) when playing Fortnite with Drake and Travis Scott.

2020 was a fantastic year for streamers, and it was no different for Ninja. The streamer ended the year with 16 million subscribers on Twitch, making his channel the most followed on the said platform.

This was the case despite quitting Fortnite before Chapter 2 and only returning during season 4.

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He plays Fortnite now and then, but the regular cases of stream sniping have really irked him. Just a few days back, he was in a state of rage and vowed not to play the game again.

"This game is so f***ing stupid, bro. Like, the community, these little kids, it’s just so dumb. It really is. It’s not fun. It’s just not. And the thing is, these f**ing clout-chasing losers, they have no idea. All they’re doing is just harming the game because I’m not gonna f***ing play it. I’m not gonna stream it," he said.

It looks like the frustration got the better of him on the day. He has calmed down since but will still be quite apprehensive of streaming Fornite regularly.

The devs will need to come up with a plan to keep the issue of stream sniping at bay to maintain the competitive integrity of the battle royale.

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