"The community, these kids, its so dumb": Ninja has a breakdown while playing Fortnite, pledges to not play the game again

Ninja lashes out at stream-snipers (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ninja lashes out at stream-snipers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Being a professional streamer or a popular internet personality and simultaneously streaming Fortnite comes at a cost. It comes with the occupational hazard of stream-snipers and griefers continuously ruining lobbies.

Even someone as revered as Tyler "Ninja" Blevins faces this issue on a regular basis. Ninja gets stream-sniped almost every time while playing Fortnite. Recently, he expressed his anguish about the rising problem of stream-snipers ruining the Fortnite experience.

Over the last year, numerous popular Fortnite streamers have shifted to different games like Warzone, Black Ops Cold, Valorant and others. The stream-sniper issue has reached a peak, and gamers are starting to voice their concerns once again.

Ninja disgusted with stream-snipers in Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 5


Popular YouTuber thatdenverguy revealed the in-depth story behind this and opened the discussion for fans to chime in. While stream-sniping is becoming a recurrent phenomenon, Epic Games has taken ample measures to avoid this.

It has been a while since the Fortnite community has seen Ninja streaming Fortnite. Although Valorant is a major part of his recent endeavors, Ninja still loves Fortnite. He comes back to the game whenever he gets a chance.

However, Ninja coming back to Fortnite is big news for stream-snipers and clout-chasers. Like a pack of bloodthirsty wolves, these stream-snipers swarm into his lobbies and try their best to grief Ninja's game. Inevitably, they succeed, as everyone wants to have a clip defeating Ninja in a build-fight.

Thatdenverguy specifies how Ninja was constantly griefed by the same player in four lobbies back to back. After a point, Ninja got frustrated and started talking about the disgraceful condition of the game.


Ninja addressed this issue by saying that he won't be streaming Fortnite in the future. All of his games were invaded by multiple stream-snipers who were brazen enough to repeat the same ambush style.


The internet is full of Ninja memes that focus on the streamer accusing others of stream-sniping. In his defense, Ninja mentions that he barely speaks about stream-snipers anymore, until he has to.


In fact, he mentioned that there are tons of other streamers who "shout" stream-snipers just to get sympathy from the chat.

While ranting about this issue, Ninja subtly mentioned how the Fortnite community is not fun anymore:

"The community is so full of dumb kids, it's just not fun anymore"

"All they are doing is harming the game," said Ninja, with what seemed like a look of disgust on his face. These stream-snipers ruined his Fortnite session by disrespectfully eliminating him repeatedly.

Ninja sarcastically congratulated the person who stream-sniped him. This facilitated a movement in Ninja's Twitch chat where random people started defending the stream-snipers by claiming coincidence.

Image via thatdenverguy YouTube
Image via thatdenverguy YouTube

TheFloosh mentioned in Ninja's chat that maybe players were not targeting him at all, and that it was just another coincidence. Ninja lost his temper at this point and lashed out by mentioning that this stream-sniper was in previous lobbies as well.

"I have been playing battle royales for almost half a decade, I know what it's like to be stream-sniped, I know the feeling dude," said Ninja.

Ninja has played battle royale games for the better part of a decade, enough to know when he is being stream-sniped. However, this problem is too common and has been ailing the Fortnite community for a long time.

"I'm not making this up, I don't just see someone and go, oh, stream-sniper," said Ninja.

Ninja disclosed that the best way to understand who is a stream-sniper is to follow their gameplay. The difference lies in when and how they are approaching the fight.

Image via thatdenverguy YouTube
Image via thatdenverguy YouTube

Usually, stream-snipers have the advantage of knowing the opponent's position, which helps them to plan their moves. This is why stream-snipers barely lose box-fights in Fortnite.

Image via thatdenverguy YouTube
Image via thatdenverguy YouTube

Ninja highlighted that he is not just some random streamer crying about stream-snipers ruining his game.

Image via Thatdenverguy YouTube
Image via thatdenverguy YouTube

It is easy for eminent streamers and professional players to fall prey to these stream-snipers. Ninja mentions that even someone like Bugha (Fortnite solo World Cup winner) is not immune from being hunted by stream-snipers.

He mentioned that the clout young Fortnite players would get by posting these clips on TikTok and social media motivates them to stream-snipe pros and streamers.

Ninja concluded with his narrative and focused on another game, however, the stream-sniper issue continues to grow every day. Thatdenverguy guy concluded by referring to another clip that features Clix being stream-sniped in Fortnite.

Hopefully, Epic Games will take the necessary action to stop this from happening in the future. Perhaps, the lobby sorting system, along with active reports, can eliminate chances of two players meeting in the same lobby multiple times.

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