A complete guide to the 1.10 update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
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Regular updates have been a pretty attractive feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The monthly and seasonal changes bring in new critters, new clothing, and seasonal items. Moreover, these regular updates also announce new events in the game or a revival of old events with some fresh features.

1.10 is another such update to look forward to. While several aspects of the update are already in motion, six new events will be added to Animal Crossing island sooner rather than later.

As expected, the new update will also feature new events and exclusive limited-time items that players can store as prized possessions or can use to craft other rare items.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons- 1.10 update

The new update will unfold in the coming months, starting in May. There are six new events. Upcoming events will even offer new event-exclusive items. Nintendo has spread the new events fairly, with the holidays from May to the end of July.

Following is a list of new events that are coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Children's Day event

The aforementioned event has already begun and will last until May 5. . The event will include two classic items: the Cart banner and the Newsprint helmet.

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(Image via Animal Crossing world)
(Image via Animal Crossing world)

Cheese Rolling Day

It will arrive at the end of May, starting from May 22 to May 30. This will include a Double Gloucester cheese wheel item. As a franchise over the last few years, Animal Crossing has tried incorporating more life-like features into the titles. New Leaf was a perfect example of this, and it seems like New Horizons is following in the footsteps of its predecessor.

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(Image via Animal Crossing world)
(Image via Animal Crossing world)

Cheese Rolling Day is a great start in structuring events around food items, and it will be interesting to see more events like these in the future.

June's Bride

This sounds similar to the Wedding season event, and much like other new events in the game, the onset of June's Bride will also offer several limited-time items to Animal Crossing players.

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(Image via Mayor Mori)
(Image via Mayor Mori)

The event will run the entire month of June, starting June 1 to 30. It will include the Nuptial bell, Nuptial ring pillow, Nuptial door plate, and Flower petal basket.

Dragon boat festival

The event will clash with June's Bride event. Be that as it may, players will be able to enjoy both events and bag some intriguing limited-time items, including the Zongzi item and the Tsuritsui teok item.

(Image via Animal Crossing world)
(Image via Animal Crossing world)

It will run from June 5 to 14.

Marine Day

Marine Day will come in July, running from July 8 to 22. It will offer an amazing single item: the Ship Wheel door plate.

(Image via Mayor Mori)
(Image via Mayor Mori)

Le 14 Juillet

This is the last new seasonal event coming to ACNH and will last from July 10 to 20. The event is addressed with different names but offers a brand new beanie for users to wear.


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