Sykkuno reveals that the NoPixel GTA RP server needs xQc to avoid a decline in roleplay 

(Image via xQc)
(Image via xQc)
Nakul Ahuja

Félix Lengyel, also known as xQc, is currently serving his fourth ban from the NoPixel GTA RP server, but Sykkuno believes other roleplayers and viewers need him to come back immediately.

The Canadian streamer's presence on the server has been polarizing. Some believe that xQc should be handed a permaban for his notorious shenanigans. On the flip side, a substantial section believes that the variety streamer's presence on the server is a must to make things interesting.

Sykkuno is one such streamer who owes his presence on the server to the notorious Canadian streamer. The Among Us sensation believes that xQc is behind the popularity of the GTA RP server, which has enabled GTA V to overtake League of Legends to become the most-watched title on Twitch.

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During one of his recent streams, Sykkuno admitted that the GTA RP server needs xQc to come back sooner rather than later.

“I actually think GTA is super fun. It’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had. I’m hoping that our dearly departed friend [xQc] comes back one day. I think we actually need him guys. The criminals need him. I don’t know if he’s still interested or not, but let’s be honest guys, he inspired a lot of guys to try and be criminals. Even for me. If he wasn’t there, who knows if I wouldn’t have tried being the best hacker in the city?

While Sykkuno admitted he doesn’t know whether xQc is coming back or not, Lengyel himself admitted it was unclear.

xQc willing to accept a permaban if found guilty

Soon after he was handed his fourth ban from the popular RP server, xQc announced that he was willing to accept a permaban if found guilty. He reiterated that there is a possible bias against him.

Sykkuno's clearly stated that he would like to see the Canadian streamer return to the server.

Whether xQc will return to the GTA RP server remains a mystery. If he doesn't, there could be a decline in roleplay on Twitch.

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