A comprehensive guide to bot lane Ziggs in League of Legends

A coZiggs in League of Legends (Image via League of Legends)
A coZiggs in League of Legends (Image via League of Legends)

Several champions within League of Legends are known for their flexibility.

Champions can often play more than one role and even succeed in every one of them quite easily in League of Legends. Sett can play both as a support as well as a top laner; Senna can play as ADC as well as support; and Yasuo can play in every lane within the game.

A champion like Nocturne can offer flexibility in both jungle as well as mid lane.

This is one of the reasons why one trick is never a bad thing within League of Legends. If a player knows a champion well, they can make it work in various lanes. One such champion who can do this very well is Ziggs. A traditional midlaner, Ziggs has made his mark in the bottom lane and seems to pack quite a punch.

Therefore, it leaves scope to provide a comprehensive guide for Ziggs and the build path to be taken in order to play as an ADC in League of Legends.

League of Legends: Ziggs bot lane guide

In order to ensure a comprehensive guide, certain things need to be understood. These include the reasons why Ziggs is good, the runes to take and the build path to follow in League of Legends, right from level 1.

Reason behind bot lane Ziggs

Ziggs is a really powerful champion when it comes to laning in League of Legends. His abilities cause a lot of damage and he can keep doing poke damage from a distance. He scales very well into the late game and his damage per second (DPS) is one of the highest in the game. This makes him a really fine choice for the bottom lane in League of Legends.

Summoner spell

Starting off with summoner spells, Flash and Heal are the best way to proceed. They provide enough safety from ganks as Ziggs is quite squishy. Therefore, keeping the health bar above the 50% mark at all times is required for sustainability.


The best rune combination for bot lane Ziggs in League of Legends is Sorcery and Inspiration, because he categorizes as a mage.

Sorcery: Arcane Comet, Transcendence, Mana Flow Band and Scorch

Inspiration: Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight

A combination of these two helps to harass the enemy easily in League of Legends. It provides Ziggs with the option to be a little bit more aggressive as the biscuit keeps him healthy. Apart from that, Mana Flow Band allows him to increase his mana pool, which allows for some serious DPS.

Item build

In the early game, there is a choice between Doran’s ring and Tear of the Goddess in League of Legends. Doran’s ring is useful as it gives 70 extra HP in case players feel there is a chance of getting harassed in the lane. Tear of the Goddess provides a lot of mana and, therefore, combined with Mana flow band, it makes spell spamming easier.

Players can go for Sorcerer’s Boots if they need mana, or Plated Steelcaps if they need armor. It depends on the kind of team composition and the enemy type as well.

However, as soon as the early game is over, players need to start building the mythic item. Liandry’s Anguish is the go-to option for Ziggs in any given scenario. It provides a lot of utility as it can deal massive damage if charged up in combat. It helps to deal 12% bonus magic damage based on the health of the target, and it has a passive that grants the ability haste to every legendary item.

If the enemy has a lot of champions who can heal passively through abilities, then Morellonomicon is the item choice. In other scenarios, Demonic Embrace is a better choice as the first legendary item. Players can build both and go for the glass cannon route, or they can go for one of the above and build Zhonya’s Hourglass as the next item. It helps to provide sustainability within a team fight.

Play style and skill build

As Ziggs, the idea is to always stay behind the tank and deal damage. Players need to position themselves well in the fight and allow the tank to soak in all the incoming hits. Ziggs cannot afford to jump in front as it will just kill him instantly. Any sort of stun means guaranteed death due to the low HP pool of the champion.

Ziggs needs to focus on his Q and E, as those are the bread-and-butter skills to deal damage. Q needs to be maxed first as it helps to deal poke damage in lanes and also kills enemies trying to run with low HP. The third skill prevents enemies from closing distance very easily and forces them into taking a detour. The second skill is sort of an escape for Ziggs, even though it is not very reliable. The ultimate deals the most damage and needs to be skilled whenever an ultimate point is available.

Edited by Sabine Algur
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