'A day off Twitch': Understanding why streamers are boycotting the platform

A Day Off Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
A Day Off Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

'Hate raids' on Twitch streams have become a common phenomenon these days. The toxicity has been extremely disruptive for streamers, denying them a place to deliver quality content. Unfortunately, the streaming platform has done close to nothing to improve the situation. The lack of action prompted several Twitch streamers to launch the 'day off Twitch' movement.

Previously, Twitch made a statement on Twitter informing the community about the platform's stance against 'hate raids.' They claim to be working towards fostering a safer environment for streamers. While the tweet might sound reassuring, it is far from reality.

Even after admitting that Twitch needs to make more effort, the creators still feel unsafe on the platform. The platform vowed to start an 'open and ongoing dialogue' on creator safety. However, tangible action is pending.

Twitch's blase attitude towards creators demanding a safe space has upset many streamers, especially those from marginalized communities. #ADayOffTwitch began trending as several streamers took the day off Twitch on September 1st.

Streamers want to send Twitch a clear message

Twitch streamers collectively decided to take a day off after RekItRaven started the #ADayOffTwitch movement on Twitter. His tweet went viral in the streaming community but drew differing opinions from many streamers.

Many creators of Twitch readily agreed to join the movement in solidarity. Meanwhile, the likes of Asmongold were skeptical of the idea and argued that the movement would fail if major streamers did not join in.

Whether the likes of Shroud, Ninja, Tfue, TimTheTatman, and other popular streamers choose to remain offline on September 1st is still uncertain. However, many smaller streamers will certainly take 'A Day Off Twitch' in protest.

Twitch likes to harbor drama

'A Day Off Twitch' is a movement that is an obvious outcome in the current climate, as was pointed out by a Twitter user. They emphasized the problem and cited recent allegations lobbed by an alleged Amazon engineer about the toxic work culture in Twitch offices.

According to the allegations, Twitch management is full of "out of touch, born-rich millennials." Management needs to understand that their success is tied to the streamers on the platform. Without these hardworking streamers, the platform is likely to lose relevance.

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