"Nobody knows who you are"- Twitch streamer Asmongold explains why the #ADayOffTwitch Movement wouldn't work

Asmongold reacts to the Twitch movement (Image via Asmongold/Twitch)
Asmongold reacts to the Twitch movement (Image via Asmongold/Twitch)

Streaming platform Twitch has been under quite a lot of heat recently. Outsiders and streamers are fed up with the 'hate raids' and Twitch's ignorance in dealing with them. Therefore, to combat the same, some streamers took up the #ADayOffTwitch initiative and decided not to stream on September 1 in protest.

In order to make such an initiative work, the protest clearly needs the support of all the major streamers as well as all the viewers. However, Asmongold, a popular Twitch streamer, feels the #ADayOffTwitch initiative is destined to fail. According to him, the movement doesn't have enough recognition to succeed.

If all the streamers and viewers could join hands and not stream/watch streams for one whole day, it would seriously hurt Twitch's revenue. Naturally, streamers feel this would push the streaming platform to hear their demands.

Unfortunately, Asmongold knows that the success of the protest requires meeting a precondition which is extremely hard.

Asmongold will only support #ADayOffTwitch if major Twitch streamers do

During one of his recent streams, Asmongold came across a #ADayOffTwitch poster, and he reacted to the same. He gave his honest opinion on how the initiative would not work and why he would also not participate in the same.

While the popular Twitch streamer has decided to stay away from the movement and go about his daily business on September 1, he still has put one condition that could motivate him to not stream on the day of the protest.

#ADayOffTwitch protest against streaming platform Twitch (Image via @RekItRaven/Twitter)
#ADayOffTwitch protest against streaming platform Twitch (Image via @RekItRaven/Twitter)
"Nobody gives a f**k if you take a day off. Nobody knows who you are. That's the truth. And, if every other big streamer, if people got together in this and we're all gonna collectively do it, I would do this in a heartbeat...You can't get a bunch of 20 Andys together and think you're gonna do anything. Nobody gives a f**k, it doesn't f***ing matter. Who cares?"

Is #ADayOffTwitch going to be successful?

Asmongold is right when he says that smaller streamers launching a protest wouldn't make a difference since they do not bring in Twitch its money. It is the likes of Ninja, Shroud, Tfue, SypherPK, xQc, and many others who make the streaming platform a huge chunk of money.

Therefore, Asmongold feels it would be stupid to miss one day of streaming and all the money he could get with it for a movement that wouldn't make a difference.

There will be many streamers who make their daily living only through streaming and can't give it up even for the protest. Clearly, the organizers need to present a united front in order to make a difference.

Note: The article reflects the views of the writer.

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