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A detailed guide on converting your CS: GO sensitivity to Valorant

 CS: GO to Valorant sensitivity conversion is easy (Image from Quora)
CS: GO to Valorant sensitivity conversion is easy (Image from Quora)
Modified 17 Sep 2020, 13:55 IST

It's no news that the majority of the Valorant player base is formed by players who used to be CS: GO fans.

However, with Riot Games' new shooter being more accessible than the one from Valve, many players decided to switch base as soon as the closed beta of Valorant was released.

The average CS: GO player base was not the only one to shift ground. Professional esports legends like Brax, Hiko and Skadoodle too were a part of the exodus. And now with the latest addition of nitr0 and Steel, Valorant seems to be growing more popular by the day, off the back of CS: GO.

And with more notoriety, CS: GO players are slowly getting attracted by this low TTK fps, and are also looking for ways to convert their CS: GO sensitivity to Valorant.

We know how vital mouse DPI settings are when it comes to tactical shooters, and if you're one of the unfortunate still struggling to change your CS: GO settings to Valorant, then we have just the perfect guide for you.

How to convert your CS: GO sensitivity settings to Valorant?

In layman's terms, the easiest way to convert CS: GO mouse sensitivity to that of Valorant is by using a bit of math. 3.18 is going to be the golden ratio for the conversion, and you will need to take the sensitivity you have from CS: GO and divide it by 3.18.

If you aren't aware of what CS: GO sensitivity you're running, then just open the CS: GO client, go to 'cog' which is present on the bar on the left. Then go to the Keyboard/Mouse tab and note the number which is situated in the to Mouse Sensitivity box. 

That number is the mouse sensitivity that you're running for CS: GO, and that is what you need to divide by 3.18 to get the accurate sensitivity for Valorant. 


Moreover, you can either choose to convert it manually, or visit the conversion tool by 'forsettings' and get your sensitivity settings from there.

If you're looking to convert the sensitivity from some other game, here is a chart you can look into."

  • CS: GO/Apex to Valorant: Divide by 3.18
  • Overwatch to Valorant: Divide by 10.6
  • Rainbow Six Siege to Valorant: Divide by 12.2

We hope that you found our CS: GO to Valorant sensitivity guide to be helpful. Till next time, happy one-tapping!

Published 17 Sep 2020, 13:55 IST
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