A Fortnite x Tenet crossover could be next on the way, suggests new theory

Image via Epic Games & Tenet (2020)
Image via Epic Games & Tenet (2020)
Modified 22 Jan 2021

This Fortnite season of hunters may use a time rift to bring in the Tenet protagonist.

Tenet hasn't actually turned a profit just yet, but it has made enough to pay back all of the expenses put into it. DVD sales are where movies make their profits. However, it feels likely that the production company would want to team up with an entity like Fortnite to make a profit from the movie.

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What leads players to believe this, is a leftover easter egg from a prior season of Fortnite. An idol from the movie Tenet can still be found in the game, and all players need to do is break through a floor and then a wall. The idol can be seen in the tweet below.

The only issue with this theory is that this season seems to focus on hunters. Tenet isn't really about a hunter; it's about stopping a World War 3-type situation that essentially causes the end of the world. So if this does turn out to be real, it will likely be through a weird technicality.

The technicality could be that these are time rifts, as Tenet's main character uses time manipulation. The fact that the protagonist of Tenet is hunting for a key, could be the way Fortnite brings him in. Either way, this seems very likely just from the idol.

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Fortnite was alluding more to Terminator than Tenet

Predator is one of the newest additions this season, and there has been speculation that the T-800 is coming too. A fight between Predator and the Terminator would make sense. Many will remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger played an antagonist to Predator in the movie, and he played the T-800 in Terminator.

The theme of the season is hunters: the Mandalorian is a bounty hunter, the Predator is a regular hunter, and the Terminators are time travel hunters. The time rift also displays a door from the movie Terminator.

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Published 22 Jan 2021
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