A heartfelt 'I love you' note for Pokimane is breaking Twitter

Pokimane says 'I love you' to herself (Image via The Netline)
Pokimane says 'I love you' to herself (Image via The Netline)

Fan-favorite Twitch streamer Pokimane has been making headlines over the last few days for several reasons. However, amidst all this, she has been receiving many objections for her way of dealing with the criticism and the hate. Previously, Poki admitted wanting to "give up," but her fans cheered her up and motivated her to do her best.

Unfortunately, when GreekGod blocked Pokimane on Twitter, she started getting even more hate. When rumors began circulating that Poki unfollowed Greek on Twitter, her fans criticized her for breaking their friendship. Clearly, with everything going on, the Twitch streamer has been overwhelmed with drama.

To make herself feel better amidst all the hate, Pokimane resorted to some self-love and positive affirmations. Her latest tweet was an 'I love you' note to herself to motivate herself.

Pokimane sends a heartwarming 'I love you' note to herself

Last night, Pokimane published a tweet for herself, which was probably a copy-paste from a fan. However, it also acted as a message of self-love to herself and a positive affirmation to motivate herself through these tough times.

Pokimane chose to tweet at herself to send a message about the importance of self-love. Following her tweet, many of her fans showered her with words of affirmation.

From the replies to her tweet, it seems like Pokimane has been a motivating factor in the lives of many and they all seem highly inspired by her. Since she always looks out for her fans, they too return the favor by sticking around to cheer up their favorite streamer.

Hopefully, people will stop criticizing Pokimane for what happened with GreekGod and give them privacy to settle their differences. Many feel that this might be a way for GreekGod to distance himself from the streamer.

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