"A present I'm preparing": Boxbox shows demo of Disguised Toast's VTube model

Twitch streamer Boxbox showcases an amazing VTuber look for Disguised Toast (Image via Sportskeeda)
Twitch streamer Boxbox showcases an amazing VTuber look for Disguised Toast (Image via Sportskeeda)
Rupesh Nair

Popular Twitch streamer Disguised Toast might be making a move away from facecam after fellow streamer Boxbox showcased a VTuber avatar prototype he's been working on for him.

The popular League of Legends streamer recently revealed that he has been preparing a present for the Canadian streamer, and it certainly seems cool for Disguised Toast to try out:

"This is a present I've been preparing for Toast."

Boxbox's adorable present for Disguised Toast is one for the ages

During a recent stream, Chinese streamer Boxbox announced that he had been developing a VTuber avatar for Canadian streamer Disguised Toast.

He then showcased the prototype he had been developing to his fans on Twitch by playing a small clip of how the avatar worked.

The avatar's design revolved around Disguised Toast's iconic logo of a toasted bread sporting a mustache, top hat and sunglasses. In the clip fans can see how the avatar moves its mustache around when the streamer talks.

"It looks around and when he talks, his mustache kinda moves up and down."

Moreover, there are also presets for certain emotions that Disguised Toast can use such as happy, sad, shock, mean, and even emotes for dancing as well.

In the end, the avatar looked quite impressive and it remains to be seen if Toast will ever use it in his streams. Prior to his face reveal, the streamer used to create content while sticking a toast-shaped cardboard mask on his face. So this avatar would be the perfect callback to the 2016 Toast who used to play Hearthstone everyday.

Disguised Toast shocked to see his exclusion from Among Us' Wikipedia page

While playing a Wikepdia race with fellow streamers Lilypichu and Jae Park, Disguised Toast was shocked to find out that his name was missing from Among Us' page.

The wikipedia page contained some of the most famous streamers on both Twitch and YouTube who popularized the game such as Pokimane, Shroud and many more. However, the king of Among Us was nowhere to be found, which caused him to scream out of disappointment.

"xQc, Pokimane, Shroud, Ninja, PewDiePie? WHAAAAT?"

In the end, he had to swallow his pride and continue his game, as he risked losing to either Lilypichu or Jae Park.

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